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From "Rob Walker" <r...@softsell.com>
Subject Re: Marketing hoohaa?
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2001 09:27:15 GMT
> I think marketing guys may not get it either way. ;-)  [Joking, I 
> Companies usu. have some good developers and it is better to 
win developers
> heart and mind and hope that they can convince their colleagues.
> From my past experience here is what I think could help convince 
> management etc
> - A stable, well defined release. It may not need to be the most 
> or final thing, but something good enough. It would be like say 
Avalon x.y
> version, without alpha or beta attached.
> - Management Interfaces. Telnet based remote interfaces may 
not be
> sufficient.
> - Class/Module reloading.
> Less important but helpful to put up.
> - A comparison with J2EE. Most Marketing guys begin with J2EE. 
Some story,
> white paper would provide a good perspective.
> - Case studies and some guidelines in migrating to Avalon could 
be useful.

As a commercial company ourselves, I'd concur with much of 
Harmeet comments. We've taken a good look at Avalon, and like 
much of what we see (good work guys). It is obviously currently in 
a state of rapid change so at present are holding off a decision to 
base our App. on Avalon. 

Instead we're taking a Beans Context based approach to building 
our base services and will defer the decision on which execution 
framework to integrated them into (Avalon, J2EE etc. etc.)

-- Rob --

SoftSell Business Systems, Ltd.
' testing solutions for a changing world '
+44 (20) 7488 3470

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