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From Fedor Karpelevitch <fedor.karpelevi...@home.com>
Subject Re: Avalon-based News server.
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2001 23:29:06 GMT

So it lloks like there is enough interest for it, which is good. The 
product name is Jannet (JAva NNTp or something...) - you may come up 
with a better name.
I will put it up on some FTP in a couple of days. Look at it and 
critisize (there are some design desisions I am not happy about myself 
so you I expect you not to be either). I believe that at this point it 
makes most sense to make it another cornerstone demo.
As far as James is concerned, looking at it I got an impression that 
although there are many similarities in main and news concepts there are 
also some substantial differences which make integration questionable. I 
admit though I am not quite familiar with James though.
I will also take care of repackaging and license stuff soon.
I'll post a notice when I put it to some publicly available place.


Charles Benett wrote:

> Fedor,
> I'm definitely interested in this but I'm not sure what is the best way
> to proceed.
> I do see attractions to evolving James into a messaging system, so I'd
> like to see it go there eventually. A separate project usually requires
> at least 3 active developers. Also, I'm not sure that makes sense
> anyway.
> In the short term, I suggest adding it as a cornerstone demo. Then
> Avalon & james folk can have a look and see if integrating your news
> server with james makes sense.
> Cheers,
> Charles
> Fedor Karpelevitch wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Here is the deal.
>> I was developing a News server based on Avalon for my company lately.
>> It is currenly in some Alpha stage. As my company is about to die there
>> would be no problem to get the news server open source (there were plans
>> for it anyway).
>> The only question is whether there is any interest in this. So basically
>> I am asking if anybody would be interested in
>> using/supporting/developing etc. such a server, as I see no point in
>> creating another dead-born project. It supports pluggable backend
>> implementations so it can be used to provide news interface to pretty
>> much anything fitting into the newsgroup concept (most obvious would be
>> mail-list archives and discussion forums). I will also be supporting it
>> to some degree if I am not the only one interested.
>> It can be set up as a separate project or may be integrated into 1)
>> cornerstone as another demo 2) James (but I am not quite sure if it is
>> actually a fit for James).
>> So please let me know if you or anyone else may be interested in it.
>> Reply to me personally or to avalon-dev (i am not subscribed to james-dev).
>> Thanks.
>> Fedor.
>> PS. BTW I am looking for a Java programming position in SF Bay Area so
>> if you have something let me know. It's appreciated.

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