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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Reading your site with interest...
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 14:24:52 GMT
Peter Huber wrote:
> I would like to recommend a relatively new book for your
> 'framework/patterns' section:
> 'Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, Volume 2: Patterns for
> Concurrent and Networked Objects' (ISBN:0471606952 look at amozon for
> example)

Thank you for the recommendation.  I will look into it, and forward the
recommendation to the rest of the group.

> It covers many aspects that are mentioned on your site like 'separation
> of concerns' and 'the holywood principle' in the context of middleware
> programming. Though you all at 'Avalon' might be the uttermost
> programming wizards this book might be a valuable source of inspiration
> as it was for me.

Maybe it will give me some better ways of expressing those ideas
succinctly.  Even 'wizards' need spell books ;P.

> However, I would possibly like to contribute to your project, but have
> not found any instructions on how to proceed to do so.
> Are there any instruction concerning this?

The best way to start is to join the mailing list.  Contribute to the
discussions.  Download the code, and learn the patterns used.  There
are two Apache projects that are good examples of how to integrate
Avalon into other projects: Apache JAMES and Apache Cocoon (version 2).
Those will let you see the principles in action.

If you see bugs in the code (and there are--we're not perfect yet), submit
some patches to the list.  If you send enough patches with substantial
improvements/fixes, we will vote to make you a committer.

If you've never contributed to Open Source software projects, then I would
suggest reading the papers written by Eric S. Raymond: "The Cathedral and
the Bazaar", "Improving the Noosphere", etc.  (actually, I think that last
title was wrong--but close).  The links to the pages should be on the
Jakarta site (though I am not sure).

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