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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject [Phoenix] Classpath etc was RE: JdbcDataSource driver loading
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 03:40:26 GMT
At 11:19  27/3/01 -0800, John H. Lee wrote:
>Aha!  So I'm not insane.  I'm using the 2001-03-26 build
>A fix would be great...I'll look into fixing it, but I think this is beyond
>my understanding of Avalon/Phoenix.

Okay I took a first swing at it and I *think* it should work. What I did
was point java.ext.dirs at <base>/lib. Thus anything under that directory
will be loaded with full permissions and global to the whole of Phoenix.

So if you need to have something shared between multiple Applications then
that is the place to put it. This should also work around the problem of
vendors placing libraries etc into ext/ dir to "help" you. For code that is
application specific you can still place it in

This seems to work with everything I have running but it *may* cause
errors. (Maybe with odd non-standard JVMs).



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