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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Basic JNDI Naming Server etc
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 07:14:33 GMT

I just got finished writing a basic JNDI naming framework. It has internal
support for a few basic types of contexts. To work with Avalon/Phoenix
which may potentially host many different JNDI using apps I had to come
with a new way of handling ObjectFactory and StateFactorys etc. Instead of
hijacking the global NamingManager it uses it's own Namespace class to do
the same. This effectively allows multiple apps with different JNDI
requirements to run in same JVM.

I include a basic MemoryContext which I may enhance to support the J2EE ENC
pattern in the future. I also support a basic distributed context based on
ideas gleaned from jBosses jnp. RemoteContext should be easy to support
over any other protocol aswell. Theres the start of an abstract URLContext
implementation that is not yet completed.

Anyways it is under MIT/BSDL license and will probably eventually migrate
to an Apache license. It could be useful if it was integrated into eas
however it does not support federation (and I am not likely to add support
for that).

Anyways I will begin using it in Avalon/Phoenix. 

If anyone wants the source etc just email me ;)



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