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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: Xcommander
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 23:12:12 GMT
> > Could Xcommander be used in a similar way to Beanshell?  i.e 
> > running commands like cp, ls, mv etc
> > (providing an app using it could make available those commands).
> definately. I'm making mods on it (very much alpha) which
> will separate 'the engine' from the 'demo'. This should allow
> it to do about anything java can do.

> I'm not sure if it is smart though to take this too far -
> the Ant engine is more powerful and more stable for jobs
> like this.

I think Ant is too tied to the *real* command line for my purposes. I like the ideas behind
> Here's the alternative: hook ant2 up to a socket using Avalon's
> wrapper model, add authentication support and a wealth of
> XCommands, and you've got java-based xml-aware remote control
> of a machine.

Way beyond my abilities :-(
> > Should not Xcommander move from cornerstone/demo to somewhere 
> > more significant?
> XCommander was not designed for complex commands. It is easy
> to add in those capabilities, but doing so _right_ would
> require significant refactoring. If someone does that, then
> I'm +1. -1 until then.

What sort of refactoring required.

What I am looking for

Inside Jesktop I have a 98% full functioned beanshell working.  It sould be nice to use it
to fire
commands at server components in the same VM (or an alternative VM)

Sort of syntax I am looking for ->

bsh> xcmd("localhost","james","<adduser user=\"fred\"/>");


bsh> xcmd("localhost","james",new James.AddUserCmd("Fred"));

Note : james is only an example.  

Incidentally: I'd reckon a toXML() would be better than toString() on the commands.  I argue
the whole time (but never get anywhere) as the only way for debugging purposes you can see
instance numbers is to *not* override toString().  This is useful if you doubt whether you
one or two instances of apparently the same thing.

Note2 : Beanshell changed license (at 1.1 alpha 5) to dual LGPL/SPL.  This is allows it to
be used
in netbeans apparently.  Good for the community of course.

Regards - Paul H
CVS -1, Perforce +1

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