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From Jon Stevens <...@latchkey.com>
Subject Re: StopGap Release?
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 07:01:39 GMT
on 2/27/01 10:31 PM, "Peter Donald" <donaldp@apache.org> wrote:

> Would anyone mind if I put together another alpha release on
> java.apache.org before finally moving everything to jakarta ? The reason is
> that a number of peeps have been bugging me for a source drop and this is a
> good way to give it ;) I don't really have the time to finish the
> documentation and then place it on jakarta website yet. After the release I
> will finish the move to jakarta and make sure everything on java.apache.org
> points to correct place.


Because: Everything is already on the Jakarta site and there are redirects

http://java.apache.org/avalon/(.*) -> http://jakarta.apache.org/avalon/$1

What really needs to be done:

#1. have Avalon linked into the main Jakarta navigation.
#2. links from sidenav on java.apache.org changed to be target="_top"

Both of these things are stuff that either Fede or Peter or whomever steps
up can do right now. If not, let me know.

Also, it would be nice if the Avalon look and feel more closely matched the
one for the main Jakarta project. The <hr> is missing from the bottom of the
page and the top <hr> is a black line...should be: <hr noshade="" size="1"/>
Also, the colors need fixing to match the main jakarta colors.



If you come from a Perl or PHP background, JSP is a way to take
your pain to new levels. --Anonymous
<http://jakarta.apache.org/velocity/> && <http://java.apache.org/turbine/>

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