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From Federico Barbieri <scoo...@betaversion.org>
Subject Re: Sharing people and code (was: Build Failure)
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2001 13:07:11 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:
> Peter Donald wrote:
> >
> > A thought - someone (was it you???) was talking about having
> > a flat permissions to access CVS across jakarta. ie if you
> > have permission for project foo then you also have permission
> > for project bar. This was meant to encourage the breakdown of
> > inter-project boundaries etc. You would still have to go
> > through the same process to apply any major patches but for
> > minor brain dead fixes (like what the last two things on Avalon
> > ;-]) you could just jump in and make changes yourself.
> I do believe that if "bar" is meant to be a repository for common code,
> then people working on project "foo" will be reluctant to refactor common
> code into "bar" unless they continue to have commit rights to that code.
> If I had commit access to avalon, I would have simply made those two minor
> fixes (actually would have likely done it as one commit ;-]), and you would
> have had an opportunity to see, comment on, and perhaps even reverse the
> change based on the cvs commit message to avalon-dev.
> > I was thinking that you (and any other alexandria/gump developers)
> > could prove to be a useful test case. ie If you were to get full
> > across the board access it may be useful because you could reduce
> > the communication overhead etc. I think Alexandria/gump is a
> > perfect test case as it cuts across all projects etc.
> I think it is a great idea, but I am not going to unilaterally impose my
> will on any subproject.  If the committers to any subproject vote to expand
> their pool of commiters, I would be glad make it so.

While I totally agree on the goal I really don't think it's a matter of
cvs permssions... it's a culture we have to grow inside the jakarta

The library project can be a seed, avalon is been the center of the
avalon, cocoon and james community for a long time and prove this can be
The way it worked was people from cocoon and james were cross developers
and keeped the communities in touch. This happend because there is a lot
of common code. 

My fear is that if you open the commiters group of a project, those in
that project's tribe who feel "ownership" on the code will mainly be
pissed of by "strangers that want to mess with my code" and will
probally develop a very uncostructive attitude. To allow cross
development trust is the key factor. You have cvs write access becouse
we trust you. And we trust you becouse we know you since you've been
around enough to prove your skills. 

So IMHO it's very important to encourage people to partecipate to all
projects that are somehow related. One way to do this is to create code
relationships and that's, I think, should be the main goal of the
library project.

Once you have places like avalon and library where people talk and know
each other I belive we'll have a stronger feel of group in the whole
jakarta community.


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