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From Federico Barbieri <scoo...@betaversion.org>
Subject Re: FW: avalon moved.
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2001 11:09:15 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> At 12:43  24/2/01 -0600, Erik Engstrom wrote:
> >>>util.test, util.cli.test etc.: shouldn't those be in the testlet
> >>>package? Or if it's specific to test the kernel into phoenix?
> >
> >they aren't testing framework but test cases. ie in each of those packages
> >is the unit tests for superioir package.
> >
> >How about a directory structure such as:
> >
> >src/main/org/apache/avalon/util
> >and
> >src/test/org/apache/avalon/util?
> >
> >That way you separate your test code from your production code and retain
> access to protected access methods for testing.
> >
> >Just a thought.
> Thats how I usually set it up but I have found that this sometimes inhibits
> people actually writing test cases. (Well thats at least the case in
> commercial settings - not sure about opensource). Ideally the testing code
> is as close to the actual code as possible to encourage people to
> write/adapt maintain test cases.
> Another option that I have been considering is that you postfix "Testlet"
> to class name to get test cases. So if you have component com.biz.Foo its
> test cases would be in class com.biz.FooTestlet. Not sure if that is any
> better.
> I keep meaning to remove test cases from jars via an exclude ;)


As long as the testlet are not in the distribution jar I'm fine with


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