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From dona...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: avalon-apps/demo/src/java/org/apache/avalon/apps/demos/lifecycledemo package.html
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 22:40:55 GMT
donaldp     2003/04/04 14:40:55

  Added:       demo/src/java/org/apache/avalon/apps/demos/lifecycledemo
  Add in package.html that encompasses thge lifecycle docs
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  avalon-apps/demo/src/java/org/apache/avalon/apps/demos/lifecycledemo/package.html
  Index: package.html
  <h1>The 'Lifecycle' Demo Application</h1>
  <p>The lifecycle demo shows only the calling of the lifecycle methods
  under Phoenix control.  This app has meaning when you consider the
  <a href="http://avalon.apache.org/framework/reference-the-lifecycle.html">
  lifecycle</a> page.</p>
  <p>Do not forget that the lifecycle methods are optional.  You cann implement
  all of them, as this demo does, some or none of them.</p>
  <p>This is the output that appears in the Console that Phoenix was called from:</p>
  Phoenix 4.0.1
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.constructor() called. (You should never do too much in here)
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.enableLogging() called.
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.contextualize() called (things like base directory passed in here).
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.service() called (lookup on other services possible now).
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.configure() called (configuration from config.xml passed here).
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.initialize() called.
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.start() called.
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.constructor() called. (You should never do too much in here)
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.enableLogging() called.
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.contextualize() called (things like base directory passed in here).
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.service() called (lookup on other services possible now).
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.service(), LifecycleDemo1 service looked up
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.configure() called (configuration from config.xml passed here).
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.initialize() called.
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.myServiceMethod() called.
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.initialize(), LifecycleDemo1.myServiceMethod() method called result =
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.start() called.
  (Ctrl-C pressed in console) JVM exiting abnormally. Shutting down Phoenix.
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.stop() called.
  LifecycleDemo2Impl.dispose() Called
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.stop() called.
  LifecycleDemo1Impl.dispose() Called

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