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From mcconn...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: avalon-sandbox/merlin README.TXT
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2003 03:58:52 GMT
mcconnell    2003/03/12 19:58:52

  Added:       merlin   README.TXT
  Latest news on the consolidated Merlin system.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  avalon-sandbox/merlin/README.TXT
  PROJECT: Merlin
  This directory contains the Merlin sources and all resources required to build a Merlin
installation.  Structure and build procedures are described below.
      +-- assembly                 assembly implementation
      +-- assembly-spi             assembly SPI interfaces and classes
      +-- merlin-cli               merlin command line handler
      +-- merlin-core              merlin kernel, block, and container 
      +-- merlin-spi               merlin SPI interfaces and classes
      +-- meta                     meta package implementation
      +-- meta-spi                 meta SPI interfaces and classes
      +-- merlin-extensions        
            +- merlin-jndi         merlin JNDI connector
      +-- merlin-smp               site and installation resources
            +- target
                 +- docs           generate site documentation
      +-- target
            +- inst                the generated installation (see 
                                   build procedure detailed below)
  The Merlin project requires the Maven project management tool.
  If you have already a MERLIN_HOME environment variable defined, then all
  you need to do is invoke the merlin-install goal (although it is 
  recommended that discard current jar file beforehand).
    $ maven merlin-install
  The merlin-dist goal builds a Merlin installation directory under the 
  default /target/inst.  Please note that the installation build 
  does not generate a demonstration apps at this time (this should be 
  resolved shortly through the addition of a merlin plugin for Maven).  For
  the moment a old version of a demonstration block is included in the CVS
  to enable validation of an installation.
    $ maven merlin-dist
  Following the creation of an installation you need to declare the environment 
  variable MERLIN_HOME with a value corresponding to the directory in which you
  choose to deploy the merlin system.  Please also make sure that you include
  MERLIN_HOME/bin in your PATH environment variable.  You can then copy the inst
  directory to MERLIN_HOME following which the Merlin command line utilities 
  should function properly.  You can confirm this (on NT) by opening a new DOS 
  window and invoking the following command:
    $ merlin -help
  You can fire-up Merlin with an iital set of demonstration components using
  the following command:
   $ merlin %MERLIN_HOME%\repository\demo\block.xml
  Support for the installation and execution of Merlin as an NT process is 
  now included in the package (refer bin directory) - special thanks to Leif
  for helping to set this up.
  For additional information please check the documentation and also use the 
  Avalon Users list (subscription details in the doc).  The merlin-site goal 
  aggregates the sources from across the main Merlin sub-projects to build a 
  consolidated project presentation. The goal should be invoked from the 
  root merlin directory.
    $ maven merlin-site
  Finally, please keep in mind that while Merlin is nearing completion and 
  readiness for a first release, it is still alpha, APIs are changing, and 
  much of the documentation needs to be updated.  It is not recommended to 
  use the project outside of research and experimental activities at this 
  SJM 13 March 2003

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