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From blorit...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-avalon/src/proposal/avalon5 discussion-points.txt
Date Mon, 16 Dec 2002 17:16:13 GMT
bloritsch    2002/12/16 09:16:12

  Added:       src/proposal/avalon5 discussion-points.txt
  Adding the discussion-points.txt until we have a Wiki
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-avalon/src/proposal/avalon5/discussion-points.txt
  Index: discussion-points.txt
  This document is to keep track of discusstion points
  related to Avalon 5 development.  When things get to
  a point where they can be focused on in the Avalon-Dev
  site without being considered noise.
  The general format will be something like this:
  Topic: Should we do XYZ?
      The following text should be a more descriptive
      form of the XYZ topic.  Either provide
      justification, or clarification of what the
      proposal entails.
      bloritsch - It looks good to me.
  Each topic will be separated by a row of dashes.
  Topic: Should we incorporate Commons Logging?
      This move would increase synergy with other
      projects and reduce the amount of code that we
      need to maintain.  The issue was raised by Mauro
      Telivi, and we need further	communication to
      figure out what is the best solution.
  Topic: Should we use Maven for the build?
      Our current build architecture is chaotic to say
      the least.  We have no less than three methods
      of generating documentation, and serveral fairly
      complex build scripts.  Maven helps smooth out
      the inconsistencies in the approach, and still
      allows for plugging in a documentation building
      tool like Fortress.  Most importantly, it will
      get rid of many JAR files in our CVS directory,
      and simplify the build process for our users.
      bloritsch - We are in desparate need of a unified
          and simple build architecture.  IMO, Maven is
          the best choice we have available.
  Topic: Should we unify the CVS structures?
      We currently have ~9 CVS structures.  The purpose
      was to separate the different projects and make
      it very clear what code belongs to which project.
      That project also helps us identify areas of tight
      coupling and what projects depend on which other
      projects.  That can still be done in one CVS
      structure, using directories to distinguish the
      bloritsch - We have some projects that are no
          longer supported or needed (like Testlet).
          It would be a good way to clean out the cruft,
          and help manage the focus and scope of Avalon.
  Topic: Should we make the Avalon maling lists from
      We are currently our own entity.  We are not
      a Jakarta project any more.  I would suggest
      the mailing lists (in addition to
      pmc@avalon.apache.org): developers@, users@,
  	cvs@, and possibly general@ and announce@.
      bloritsch - It would help establish the
          Avalon brand instead of Jakarta.
  Topic: Should we use our avalon.apache.org site?
      Whether we asked for it or not, the site does
      exist, but it is currently empty.  We should
      put our current stuff in the new location, and
      use redirects to point us all to the new
      location.  It would also enable us to make
      sure we have mirror friendly distributions.
      bloritsch - Again we are solidifying Avalon.

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