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From mcconn...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: avalon-sandbox/assembly STATUS-README-ITS-RELEVANT.TXT
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 06:58:17 GMT
mcconnell    2002/12/02 22:58:17

  Added:       assembly STATUS-README-ITS-RELEVANT.TXT
  Just a note about status.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  avalon-sandbox/assembly/STATUS-README-ITS-RELEVANT.TXT
  The avalon-sandbox/assembly package is a evolving in resoponse to discusions and ideas about
profiles based containers thats been going on within the avalon-dev list recently.  Much of
the content here has been ripped out of the Avalon Excalibur Merlin packaged and refactored
to be more more cleanly compoent based.  The current result is a assembly/lifestyle/lifecycle
management engine without any magic.  The avalon-sandbox/merlin package is moving towards
refactoring to leverage the assembly engine in the delivery of a dynamically deployed containers
- you get exactly what you want for your containement problem - nothing more - nothing less.
  There is still a lot of stuff to be done:
    * appliance manager is statically referncing the DefaultAppliance class - the objective
it to have the assembly engine dynamically assembly the asembly implemetation class based
on a comppontnt type addributute - but thins gets into some heavy nested assembly semantics
    * getting subsystem configuration in place - everythig currently works without configuration
which is noce for the dyncamic deployment scanarios, but getting full propergation of custom
configuration will be a big plus in moving forward on the notriuon of profle diren containment
  To see the API in action:
  $ ant test
  And you will see a bunch of test cases assemblying components with dependecies and all that
soort of stuff.  While component can have dynamic dependecies on the assembly system (i.e.
a componet under asembly can may have a depedency which will be resolved by the assembly engine
by calling the assembly engine to build the dependency), there is still work to be done on
enabling the assembly engine to call itself to enable it to extend itself during its own assembly
of itself.
  All contributions are really welcome!
  Cheers, Steve.

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