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From leosim...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: avalon-sandbox STATUS.txt
Date Sat, 23 Nov 2002 17:04:23 GMT
leosimons    2002/11/23 09:04:23

  Added:       .        STATUS.txt
  Adding in a status document based on the ones in Apache Commons and Apache Incubator CVSes.
The board resolution text is pending....
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  avalon-sandbox/STATUS.txt
  Index: STATUS.txt
  This document was last modified at [$Date: 2002/11/23 17:04:23 $].
      Apache Avalon is a project started at java.apache.org. It later became an
      Apache Jakarta subproject. It has recently been declared a new top-level
      project with its own PMC.
      See the bottom of this file for the official resolution/
      charter-as-it-stands. See the project website for other information.
  Project PMC members
      Berin Loritsch
      Marcus Crafter
      Carsten Ziegeler
      Jeff Turner
      Leo Sutic
      Leo Simons
      Stephen McConnell
      Nicola Ken Barozzi
      Paul Hammant
      Peter Royal
      Note: Nicola Ken Barozzi is the Chair.
  Project committers
  Project mailing lists
      - avalon-dev@jakarta.apache.org (send a message to
        avalon-dev-subscribe@jakarta.apache.org to subscribe)
      - avalon-phoenix-dev@jakarta.apache.org (send a message to
        avalon-phoenix-dev-subscribe@jakarta.apache.org to subscribe)
      - avalon-apps-dev@jakarta.apache.org (send a message to
        avalon-apps-dev-subscribe@jakarta.apache.org to subscribe)
      - avalon-users@jakarta.apache.org (send a message to
        avalon-users-subscribe@jakarta.apache.org to subscribe)
  Project website
  Project cvs modules
      - avalon-sandbox
      - jakarta-avalon
      - jakarta-avalon-apps
      - jakarta-avalon-cornerstone
      - jakarta-avalon-excalibur
      - jakarta-avalon-logkit
      - jakarta-avalon-phoenix
      - jakarta-avalon-site
  Project releases
      - releases available from http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-avalon/
      - nightlies available from
  Resolved Matters
      - previously released software needs to be supported, including but not
        limited to the avalon framework, avalon excalibur and avalon phoenix
      - existing avalon users must be supported, including but not limited
        to the XML Cocoon and Jakarta JAMES communities
      - we want to strive for as much consensus on future developments as
        possible taking into account the above points
  Pending Matters
      - coming up with a set of bylaws and charter for the project
      - deciding on moving or not moving to avalon.apache.org
      - discussing and writing medium-to-long term roadmap regarding containers
        and possible avalon framework extension based on consensus development
      - discussing and writing short-to-medium term roadmap regarding unused and/
        or unmaintained and/or alpha-stage software packages in current CVSes
      - discussin and writing short-to-medium term roadmap regarding possible
        relocation of software packages that could have a better home at another
        avalon project
      - wrap up discussion on licensing headers in sourcefiles
  Board Resolution
  The complete text of the resolution that was passed which created this
  project is:
         <not yet available/>

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