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From mcconn...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-avalon-excalibur/assembly/src/etc merlin.gif overview.html
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2002 06:25:08 GMT
mcconnell    2002/07/06 23:25:08

  Added:       assembly/src/etc merlin.gif overview.html
  package overview
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-avalon-excalibur/assembly/src/etc/merlin.gif
  	<<Binary file>>
  1.1                  jakarta-avalon-excalibur/assembly/src/etc/overview.html
  Index: overview.html
  <h3>System Overview</h3>
  This package contains work in progress originating from the Merlin container including a
set of services dealing with the definition of a system kernel, container hierarchies, component
assembly, and component deployment and decommissioning.  Everything is this package is ALPHA
and is subject to change. 
  <p>Main components of the framework include:
  <li>Meta Model
      <li>Type structures for the Avalon Component Model.</li>
      <li>Profile strucure supporting declaration of type instantiation criteria.</li>
      <li>Tyupe and Profile validation framework.</li>
  <li>Kernel and Container Framework
      <li>Application Kernel.</li>
      <li>Heirachical container model.</li>
      <li>Automated assembly.</li>
      <li>Component defaults management.</li>
      <li>Candidate resolution.</li>
  <h3>Package Structure (UML)</h3>
  <p><img src="merlin.gif" border="0"></p>
  <h3>Deployment Model</h3>
  Components types deployed under this framework must be declared as formal component types
using a &lt;classname&gt;.xinfo descriptor. Components types may also dedployed with
default profile criteria 
  and configuration information.</p>
        <li>General component type information.</li>
        <li>Context constraints.</li>
        <li>Service declarations.</li>
        <li>Configuration/parameter profiles.</li>
        <li>Context creation directives.</li>
        <li>Default configuration/parameter.</li>
        <li>Default context directives.</li>
  Components assembly rerquires the declaration of at least one component with the kernal
configuration profile. The profile enables the declaration of a hierachy of containers and
component profiles within containers.  The containers within a hierachy collaborate to resolve
service dependecies for the components they respectively manage. 
  Example components and a kernel.xml profile are included in the distribution.
  A demonstration of current status is normally possible by invoking the following ant targets:
     ant all
     ant kernel
  This will cause the build of the kernel, container framework, type repository, a set of
demo components, and the creation and deployment of a root container holding a combination
of component providers and subsidiary containers.
  <h3>Current Status</h3>
  The implementation provides full support for hierachical containers and profiles management
including resolution of dependecies cross containers. The implemetation does not support instantation
of componets at this time (expect this soon).

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