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From hamm...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-avalon-apps/site/src/xdocs index.xml
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2002 14:44:15 GMT
hammant     02/03/30 06:44:14

  Modified:    site/src/xdocs index.xml
  increased into to apps.  This enough Peter?  More picture perhaps?
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.7       +47 -3     jakarta-avalon-apps/site/src/xdocs/index.xml
  Index: index.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-avalon-apps/site/src/xdocs/index.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.6
  retrieving revision 1.7
  diff -u -r1.6 -r1.7
  --- index.xml	28 Mar 2002 08:57:29 -0000	1.6
  +++ index.xml	30 Mar 2002 14:44:14 -0000	1.7
  @@ -13,19 +13,63 @@
       <s1 title="Introduction">
  -        The apps Avalon sub-project is a repository of applications that run on to of
  +        The apps Avalon sub-project is a repository of applications that run on top of
           the <link href="../phoenix/index.html">Phoenix</link> application kernel.
           Each of these applications applications are at different stages of development
           and evolution. Some of the "applications" are thin wrappers around existing
           products that make them capable of being managed from within Phoenix. While
           others are applications are assembled from reusable Blocks.
  -    </s1>    
  +      <p>
  +        The applications that take the wrapper approach are building on the sucess of
  +        pre-existing projects on the Web.  These could be at Apache or from
  +        SourceForge, and are not forked efforts.  They all do varioations of the same
  +        thing - namely instantiate the pre-existing project's main bean and expose it
  +        via a service interface to other phoenix blocks.  Some like HypersonicSQL
  +        present no methods in their service interface, their who interface to the world
  +        is through it's socket listener and a JDBC library on the client side.  All of
  +        the wrapped products are still launchable via their normal 'main' method in
  +        standalone mode.  These can be said to be dual mode, even if the code for
  +        phoenix compatability is in our CVS rather than their depot.
  +      </p>
  +      <p>
  +        The applications that are from scratch are wholly dependant on Phoenix at
  +        runtime and cannot run in standalone mode. They range from demos to CORBA
  +        servers and a RDBMS.
  +      </p>
  +      <p>
  +        Pretty much all of the above, whether complete applications or mere collections
  +        of blocks can have individual blocks split away and used in other phoenix
  +        based applications.
  +      </p>
  +      <p>
  +        See the <strong>left margin</strong> of this page for the links to
applications in
  +        Avalon's CVS and elsewhere.  The applications listed there are
  +        downloadable from
  +        <link href="http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-avalon/TODO">here</link>
  +        and can be dropped into the your handy Phoenix server.
  +      </p>
  +    </s1>
  +    <s1 title="Basics on Phoenix application environment">
  +      <p>
  +        For a quick graphical view of Phoenix hosting multiple server applications, see
  +        the diagrams on the <link href="http://jakarta.apache.org/avalon/phoenix/">
  +        Phoenix main page.</link>.  Phoenix takes multiple complete applications
in a
  +        zip file with a 'sar' suffix and mounts them all at the same time in the
  +        same virtual machine
  +      </p>
  +      <p>
  +        You will also want to understand the Avalon Framework interfaces.
  +        <link href="http://jakarta.apache.org/avalon/framework/">here</link>.
  +        Particularly, you will need to read up on the <strong>central patterns</strong>,
  +        and the <strong>lifecycle aspects of components</strong>.
  +      </p>
  +    </s1>
         Copyright (c) @year@ The Jakarta Apache Project All rights reserved.
  -      $Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2002/03/28 08:57:29 $
  +      $Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/03/30 14:44:14 $

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