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From mcconn...@apache.org
Subject cvs commit: jakarta-avalon-cornerstone/apps/enterprise/pss/dist README.TXT
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 00:33:00 GMT
mcconnell    02/02/01 16:33:00

  Added:       apps/enterprise/pss/dist README.TXT
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  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-avalon-cornerstone/apps/enterprise/pss/dist/README.TXT
  Copyright (C) The Apache Software Foundation. All rights reserved.
  OSM PSS Service
  This is an implementation of the OMG PSS (Persistent State Service) based 
  on the specification defined under the OMG document number ptc/01-12-02.pdf.  
  The implementation is derived from the object model published under the 
  OpenORB Community Project 1.2.1 PSS version (a fork of the original Exolab 
  open-source project). Due recognition is hereby given to Exolab. Revisions 
  and enhancements are copyright OSM SARL, 2001-2002.
    The ANT version used to build this module was version 1.5alpha.
    The ant library and optional.jar file can be downloaded from the 
    following location: 
    The PSS implementation is dependent on the 1.2.2 CVS version of OpenORB
    (as at 21-JAN-02) from the Community OpenORB Project.  Changes to OpenORB 
    1.2.2 have been made to some utility classes enabling improvements in compiler  
    javadoc management - specifically, the replication of javadoc utility functions
    under the IDLtoJava compiler class to static functions under the 
    org.openorb.compiler.idl.util.tools class.  PSS is also dependent on 
    the Community OpenORB OTS service 1.2.1.
  Build Instructions
    $ ant help // for a overview of build targets
    $ ant all // to build the compiler, PSS runtime, javadoc and test compilation
  Distribution Directory
    Following completion of a build, the distribution directory will 
    contains the following files:
    LICENSE.HTML, license and due credits
    OSM-PSDL-1.0, the PSDL compiler
    OSM-PSS-1.0, the PSS runtime
  Changes introduced in the PSS 2.0 implementation (FEB 2002)
    1. Package names for implementation classes have been changed from 
       "org.openorb.pss" to "org.apache.pss" - this change
       reflects the divergence from the classic OpenORB implementation 
       enabling the potential for more rigorous implementation enhancements
       concerning logging, configuration and error management consistent with 
       the Apache Avalon patterns and interfaces. 
    2. Upgrading of the implementation to the final adopted and available 
       specification (FTF results as detailed under the ptc/01-12-01.pdf
       report and summarised under the revised specification ptd/01-12-02.pdf.
    3. The source base for this PSS implementation is a result of the 
       decompilation of the OpenORB PSS binaries (resulting in elimination 
       of redundant code and generation of consistent code layout and 
       structure), reformatting of generated sources to be compliant with
       the established project coding conventions, and enhancement to the 
       code base concerning generation of javadoc comments in generated code.
    4. Documentation of license dependencies, due credits and declaimers. 
    5. Substantial enhancements to the javadoc generation capability, 
       creation of documentation for all packages, documentation of all 
       classes, detailed documentation included in a new edition of the 
       CosPersistentState.idl IDL source.
    6. Separation of compiler from PSS runtime distributions.
    7. Elimination of bugs in the file connector that result in 
       non-availability of persistent data following a server restart.
    8. Extensive introduction of exception handling across all connectors
       and the propagation of errors through cascading exceptions.
    9. Introduction of Apache LogKit as the logging mechanism under the 
       Avalon abstract logging framework.
   10. Introduction of defaults configuration using Avalon Configurable
       interfaces and related implementations.
  Version and Status
    Published version 2.0
    Status: BETA - please note that the beta status is attributed in 
    order to reflect a higher expected change cycle that may impact 
    binary compatibility.  This is required to facilitate sufficient 
    freedom to enable introduction of architectural and implementation 
  Migration Notes.
    Replace all occurrences of the string "org.openorb.pss"
    with "org.apache.pss" (including the reference in the PSS module 
    implementation class in the OpenORB.xml file.  Recompile all 
    PSDL sources using the PSDL compiler class 
    The FTF adopted recommendations eliminate the CatalogRepository and 
    CatalogRepositoryHelper classes.  This effects the approach used to 
    resolve an inital reference related to PSS.  The initial specification
    required the supply of a CatalogRepository in response to an initial 
    reference against the string "PSS".  The revised specification treats the
    initial reference argument as a qualified argument composed of "PSS:" +
    "<vendor-identifier>:" + "<vendor-specific-value>".  Under the Apache PSS
    implementation the following three initial reference arguments are 
    The value returned from any of these initial reference arguments will
    be a PSS Connector instance.  Users should narrow the returned value 
    using the org.omg.CosPersistenceHelper.narrow() operation.
  Planned Enhancements
    1. Progressive removal/isolation of dependencies on the 
       org.openorb.OpenORB package enabling deployment behind other 
    2. Introduction of generic logging framework based on the Avalon 
       LogKit interfaces and implementation.
    3. Introduction of a configuration model based on the Avalon 
       Configurable interface.
    3. Creation of a PSS Block usable under the Apache Avalon Phoenix 
       component management framework.

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