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From Greg Steuck <greg-avalon-apps-...@nest.cx>
Subject Re: socket connection disappears
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2002 02:00:50 GMT
>>>>> "Ed" == Ed Coughlin <ecoughlin@gollaborate.com> writes:

    Ed> Well, glad you asked that question.  I went looking for a recent
    Ed> download of cornestone and couldn't locate anything at

I doubt there exists a recent release of cornerstone. I usually check
out the source tree (generic instructions should be on jakarta
site). Then I build it with ant.

    Ed> The AutoPublisher came into the picture when I studied the
    Ed> altrmidemo assembly.xml and noted that it was using the
    Ed> AutoPublisher as the class for the application listener.  I
    Ed> relied on the demo as the reference implementation of the new
    Ed> version of avalon/pheonix.  Perhaps that was not a good idea but
    Ed> I wasn't able to find a good example of a connection and thread
    Ed> manager implementation elsewhere.

Cursory look over jabaserver doesn't reveal why it needs AutoPublisher
at all. I would try to remove the listener completely. But it isn't
relevant to your problems AFACT.

    Ed> I'll let you know how that test works and again I appreciate
    Ed> your assistance.  If I can obtain a copy of the code I'll be
    Ed> better able to understand how things are working under the hood.

http://jakarta.apache.org/site/cvsindex.html should get you started.

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