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From Mauro Talevi <mauro.tal...@aquilonia.org>
Subject Cornerstone addition and patch
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 01:21:03 GMT

I attach a new cornerstone service/block for event notification among 
It is based on the Event Notifier pattern by Gupta et al. (Java Report, 
Vol. 3, No. 7, July 1998, 19-36).
It allows services to publish and subscribe to events of interest and be 
notified of them.
It is useful in that it decouples greatly the services in big phoenix apps.

At present, the implementation is for local interfaces although I've 
used it successfully in a distributed setting
(via RMI).    All is needed to be make the EventManager, Publisher and 
Register Remote interfaces.
But perhaps one might want to implement other distributed method 
invocation,  in particular AltRMI.  
It can be improved in several ways but a present I wanted to gauge if 
there was interest in it.

I also attach a patch to extend the RMIfication service, adding the 
methods export() and unexport().
There sometimes is the need to export a Remote interface without 
"publishing" it (ie binding it with a name).
Eg, when a service (whose interface has been RMIfied and published) 
exposes other remote interfaces
which are only accessible via the service interface (but not direcly via 
the RMI registry).


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