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From "Daniel Krieg" <dkr...@kc.rr.com>
Subject Re: Sevak Catalina problems
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 04:49:57 GMT

Actually, CatalinaSevakBootstrap was replaced with
but as you have pointed out, this has been deleted (or never made it into

I was working on SevakCatalina a few months ago but job responsibilities
have pulled me away.
I returned to this project just this week to find for myself the same issues
you are encountering.
I unfortunately did not keep a local copy of my code, so I will need to
reimplement several things.

Revisiting this project, I now have a better perspective regarding Tomcat
integration into
Phoenix.  Given another go at it, I will be able to create a far better
solution.  For example,
in October Peter Donald added the Excalibur Loader into the BlockContext to
an implementation for ClassLoading and thus
(which you is giving you ClassNotFoundException) is not needed.

What is your timeline for needing SevakCatalina?  I think I will be have a
little more time to
where I can put this together in a far better implementation.

> Hey all,
> I've been trying to get Sevak Catalina implementation and demo to run in
> Phoenix.  I haven't had any success so far.
> My first problem was that Phoenix didn't want to even try and create the
> blocks.  It kept giving me the following message on the console:
> Unable to create BlockInfo as are unable to locate resource
> "org/apache/avalon/apps/sevak/blocks/catalina/startup/Bootstrap.xinfo".
> So, I did some looking and sure enough it looks as though the class
> o.a.a.a.sevak.blocks.catalina.startup.Bootstrap is no longer used (in
> fact, it's been deleted), but is still referenced from the
> src/demo/conf/catalina-assembly.xml file.
> I looked though the classes available in the blocks.catalina package and
> found the replacement CatalinaSevakBootstrap class.   I changed the
> catalina-assembly.xml file to use this as instead of the old Bootstrap
> block.
> Things seem to be better now.  Phoenix at least creates the blocks and
> starts going through their lifecycles.  But, when it calls initiailze()
> on the CatalinaSevakBoostrap class, it fails with a
> ClassNotFoundException, saying it can't find
> org.apache.catalina.loader.StandardClassLoader.  I noticed this was
> getting added to the sar in the common/lib directory, so I tried to put
> it in the SAR-INF/lib directory thinking that would make it available to
> the class loader when the block is being initialized.  No luck.
> I've tried everything I can think to try for the moment, any one else
> have any ideas?
> Note: I've attached a diff of the changes I made to the
> catalina-assembly.xml file.  While poking around I also noticed some
> oddities in the build.xml file where two jar were being created:
> sevak-catalina.jar, which was empty, and sevak-catalina-impl.jar which
> had the actual class and xinfo files in it.  Oh, and it was generated
> from the jakarta-avalon-apps/sevak directory (didn't want any changes
> anywhere else to be included by accident).
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> Richard Wallace <rwallace@a--i--m.com>
> AIM, Inc.


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