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From Peter Klotz <pkl...@iconet.wn.bawue.de>
Subject Re: MX4j components (2)
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 21:42:07 GMT
Hi Paul,

thanks for the tips it is working now except that I can't connect via 
the HTTPAdapter on the configured port 8082 for some reason.

But another question, This way the MBeanServer is part of the kernel and 
also configured in kernel.xml and not available as a block for other 
components. Not let's say I want to create other components that want to 
publish MBeans via this MBeanServer how would I use it?
Wouldn't it be possible to realize the MX4J server as a standard block 
in "user-space"? One could also realize the adapters as their own 
components so that one could chose whether to use a HTTP, RMI or other 
adapter just in the assembly.xml.


Paul Hammant wrote:
> Peter,
> You need to see the following section on ant.properties...
>    # ----- MX4J Open JMX Implementation, version 1.1 or later -----
>    mx4j.home=C:/Downloads/mx4j-1.1/mx4j-1.1
>    mx4j.lib=${mx4j.home}/lib
>    mx4j.jar=${mx4j.lib}/mx4j-jmx.jar
>    mx4j-tools.jar=${mx4j.lib}/mx4j-tools.jar
> Also, after build of dist-lite, you'll need to edit conf/kernel.conf
>        <component role="org.apache.avalon.phoenix.interfaces.SystemManager"
> class="org.apache.avalon.phoenix.components.manager.MX4JSystemManager"
>            logger="manager" >
>          <manager-adaptor-port>8082</manager-adaptor-port>
>          <manager-admin-name>admin</manager-admin-name>
>          <manager-admin-password>test</manager-admin-password>
>          <manager-registry-port>1111</manager-registry-port>
>        </component>
> Avalon-apps/demo contains a simple example of Pheonix usage that is JMX 
> enabled.
> - Paul

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