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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject [Fwd: New Avalon application proposal]
Date Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:28:03 GMT
forwarding this to relevant mailing lists. I suggest one of the
committers with an interest in this project (Jeff?) evaluates this thing
and puts it in CVS if it already makes sense to start team development
on it.

Tomasz, things we put in CVS do not have to be complete projects at all.
There are two things to consider:

- will it be beneficial to your application to have it hosted in CVS so
multiple people can develop it?

- do you have experience with CVS, intend to be around for a while, know
the jakarta guidelines, etc etc (so it makes sense to make you a
committer to the avalon project and give you CVS access)?

I don't have time to think about the first one, wrt the second one I am
guessing you probably haven't been around long enough to feel
immediately "comfortable" as a committer.


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From: Tomasz Skutnik <Tomasz.Skutnik@e-point.pl>
To: avalon-users@jakarta.apache.org
Subject: New Avalon application proposal
Date: 29 Aug 2002 08:51:17 +0200


As some of you recall 
I've proposed some time ago contributing little Ant invoking server. 
But, given Jeffs inspiration, here is what I was able to create in the 
spare time I've had. This is generalized application invoker, based on 
Forehead framework.

Application can be downloaded from 

Everything  is inside - just unpack to jakarta-avalon-apps/ CVS 
directory and build (ant dist or ant sar). This is by no means complete 
project, and I'm not going to stop it's development, but I think it's 
the time to show it to the  world. Read docs, play with sample 
configured apps, beware of multiple threads :) (see known issues section).

I post it as evaluation/demo, and do not expect it to be commited in
soon, if at all (I'd even hold its commiting for some time because of 
some *important* issues that need to be resolved - see inside docs). If
someone is going to commit it anyway, please check if links for download
page (which in fact doesn't work now for any Avalon application) and API
documentation works.

I've tried to adhere to Jakarta standards as close as possible and
comment havily, but as alway something could have slipped out of my
hands, so any comments/improvements are welcome.


Have as much fun, as I had coding this project and learning Avalon.


Tomasz Skutnik, R&D Director, www.e-point.pl
tel +48 (22) 853 48 30, mob +48 501 555 705, fax +48 (22) 853 48 30
e-point S.A., ul. Filona 16, 02-658 Warsaw, Poland
PGP/GPG public key: http://scooter.ext.e-point.pl/tomasz.skutnik.gpg

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