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From "Jason" <ja...@shadowy.org>
Subject RE: JCrontab 1.0RC
Date Sun, 26 May 2002 13:03:08 GMT
> Personally, I have a feeling that we have to mount Beanshell into 
> Phoenix at some point.  Either as a block, or as a value 
> added Kernel. 
>  We could then allow telnet (or alike) into a running Phoenix 
> machine. 
>  It is relvant to cron, because it would be a cool way to 
> script method 
> invocations (.bsh scripts)
Now _that_ would be a useful thing. The more I spelunked through the
code yesterday, the more the issue seemed to be the question of how to
administer a running server within the Phoenix design. 

The idea of Beanshell being there raises a couple of questions in my
mind though:

1. I'm assuming that a client would reflect into a block directory
interface of some sort to find and use Beanshell. Does such a thing

2. Likewise, Beanshell would have to find a way to do things to blocks.
Is there a place to look up the loaded (not necessarily running)
interfaces that takes into account all the possible Phoenix recursion

I'm too new to the codebase internals to know for sure. The prospect
sure does fire the imagination though. I guess I'd better keep digging.

As an aside, the reason I'm looking inside Phoenix at the moment is to
harden it for use outside of a protected server environment. To ward off
malicious code, I'd like it to distribute Phoenix and my app as a set of
signed jars, and modify Phoenix to verify the jars before loading them.
I've been using the Certificate Authority at
http://ejbca.sourceforge.net/ to pretty good effect so far. If anyone
has walked this road before and wants to warn me about pitfalls or point
me at useful resources, feel free.


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