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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Xerces/Xalan and Classloader problem
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 12:37:38 GMT

Quick questions:

1) are you using JDK1.4 ?
2) are you mounting your own classloaders?

Finally, if order of startup upsets you (not saying it happens) look 
into BlockListener and ApplicationListener (see apps/SimpleServer for 
example of use).  You may be able trigger things with it.

- Paul

>we have extreme difficulties in our Phoenix apps due to classloader
>problems. Here my questions:
>1) Which version of Xerces does Phoenix work with? Is there a
>corresponding version of Xalan, that I can put in the
>/usr/local/avalon/lib directory alongside Xerces? We have tried
>different combinations, but either Avalon wouldn't work with the Xerces
>version or there were duplicate, but different classes between Xalan and
>Xerces. Is there any combination that is guaranteed to work?
>2) We have a Phoenix application that sends mails via the Java Mail API.
>If we put the mail.jar and activation.jar in our application's
>SAR-INF/lib directory, it doesn't work (the Mail API classes are not
>found). However, if we put the mail.jar and activation.jar in Avalon's
>central lib directory, then it does work. Previously everything was
>exactly the other way around: it worked if the classes were in
>SAR-INF/lib, but not in avalon/lib. We keep changing our setup back and
>forth every few days in order to have at least some basic uptime. Can
>someone explain how we can verify which classes are loaded when from
>which directory?
>3) Both of the above issues appear and disappear without any regularity
>on a Phoenix restart. Is there any documentation on how the classloading
>can change between Phoenix restarts? We notice that sometimes the order,
>in which the .sar applications are started, changes. How can we debug
>these problems, if the behavior keeps changing?
>Our Phoenix version is 4.0a4
>Thanks in advance for any pointers,

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