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From David McLaughlin <>
Subject Re: Review Request 62135: HomePage implemented in Preact
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2017 17:44:43 GMT

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(Updated Sept. 13, 2017, 5:44 p.m.)

Review request for Aurora, Joshua Cohen, Kai Huang, and Santhosh Kumar Shanmugham.


Add extra assertion in test.

Repository: aurora


Implementation of the home page in PreactJS. This was delayed heavily by the lack of a shallow
renderer ( for testing. It was
too painful to test without it (e.g. Links when fully rendered must be rendered within a Router
context), so I hand-rolled one based on some community attempts. The key motivation is just
to allow us to decouple markup from component logic, and also to avoid having to test child
components within component heirarchies. IMO the end result is very clean and easy to read
(and write!). 

If Preact gets a shallow renderer in the future, we can swap the one included here out.

Diffs (updated)

  src/main/resources/scheduler/assets/images/aurora_logo_white.png PRE-CREATION 
  ui/.eslintrc 355b6a8a5f5d25dd4c71dc546dc7d4acfffdd506 
  ui/package.json f712518b27477bccb03f49c86eac3ee5f769fc88 
  ui/src/main/js/client/scheduler-client.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/components/Breadcrumb.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/components/Home.js 91d60b387cf3b1fb268e73b7b50922a83898c31f 
  ui/src/main/js/components/Icon.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/components/Loading.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/components/Navigation.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/components/RoleList.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/components/__tests__/Breadcrumb-test.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/components/__tests__/Home-test.js 2a80958d9303d1d3b9ae8f95013c66cb39f6bac3

  ui/src/main/js/index.js 2f7467b41ac3373a90c5453a7534d384a585b464 
  ui/src/main/js/pages/Home.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/pages/__tests__/Home-test.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/utils/ShallowRender.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/js/utils/__tests__/ShallowRender-test.js PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/app.scss PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/components/_base.scss PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/components/_breadcrumb.scss PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/components/_home-page.scss PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/components/_layout.scss PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/components/_navigation.scss PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/components/_tables.scss PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/modules/_all.scss PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/modules/_colors.scss PRE-CREATION 
  ui/src/main/sass/modules/_typography.scss PRE-CREATION 




./gradlew ui:test

Running in vagrant (screenshots attached).

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David McLaughlin

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