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From Stephan Erb <>
Subject Review Request 45392: Reorganize Documentation
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2016 18:12:57 GMT

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Review request for Aurora, John Sirois and Bill Farner.

Repository: aurora


This started as a spike to structure the documentation in a way that makes it more approachable.
In addition, I believe the new structure will allow us to extend and improve the documentation
more easily, as the different sections have more room to grow into something useful (eg. service

The new structure was inspired by the documentation of Hubspot's Singularity scheduler. What
I have done was mostly to cut & paste documentation and code examples and embedded those
into the following:

* getting-started: the most basic information for all users
* features: proper explanation of our most important features. This should make it much easier
for people to discover Aurora's unique selling points.
* operators: stuff only the operatos will care about
* developers: stuff only contributors and committers acare about.
* references: the details.

The diff is almost impossible review as I was not very diligent in keeping it clean. Sorry
for that. If you believe this is unacceptable, we can move to a more piecewise review.

----- e2b5632d42129d448d4fc237da9d939ca9dd564c 
  docs/ 673c854825a0443a3bc7b13c04640dd85ad147f5 
  docs/ 39c231dc9e222ebf409280199fe12d75449157fe 
  docs/ 88b9d772c9140178cd195875136408399e0ee52b 
  docs/ 156fe4cf2462735218bcdc80655ce3ec5e9cd4f5 
  docs/ f69a898d434abb0295e68682e290bc3f966d3654 
  docs/ 7bcf22d6ec8266568a1e3692fdbc451a58388967 
  docs/ 97664f39a5b2fce8c4829d5ba1c3ec7f4b8fc63b 
  docs/ 0f9842529ad075c9fbd153a13c2b07c94c391052 
  docs/ 03bfdbab927c924486b04c42df2ad236c0f414a0 
  docs/ 4d14caa4dde1a48d8d90b6b7c9104efd629d715c 
  docs/ 27f1c97c1b7c199c1c496e11ef8995ca3b1b437c 
  docs/ a703871a68b51e43cb51379df0856911dbe91c8b 
  docs/development/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/development/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/features/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/features/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/features/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/features/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/features/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/features/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/getting-started/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/ 28307ab3d45721ccc97a3d01148129c22d1f1998 
  docs/ 5cc153ab8c7c8043efd07a7cb9fa44c84e31a7a8 
  docs/operations/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/ 84756a24e258a38cebad1dac7c6e51f7d6d187bd 
  docs/reference/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/reference/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/reference/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/reference/ PRE-CREATION 
  docs/ 27a267828d8222623ae77e084e1d5f602075838e 
  docs/ 7e3d801251262a5eedbca8890316aa9f44be8314 
  docs/ 32bea426fbceec83187e851a5db11e82df55e962 
  docs/ a558e0098e73172801d9fad927f1f85d0476413f 
  docs/ 7c6484183ce88eca6ab1a25805c86af1fcd64ee1 
  docs/ 6ffed541d1579a8131ce642b082be602431329d3 
  docs/ 5d6456cb6647acb2c2c0f9024c744e37ccc55d1c 
  docs/ e78e742542508389e8161d00ee0e4ddb7084e72d 
  docs/ 62a71bcf10704c92fd26a8fd74729a8dc51b988c 
  docs/ 2ae550db35835ac2ebe5a95dbcc18e86d7bc4642 
  docs/ 95539ef299792068de2ad9d38b39d66e162fbc21 
  docs/ 656296cc84622d44d6dd43fc1496496da15b5d08 
  docs/ 3bc201f17977dbc402eeac307500db5cc9d6bb27 



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Stephan Erb

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