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From "Zameer Manji" <>
Subject Re: Review Request 28742: Simplify logging in the client.
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2014 07:43:52 GMT

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(Updated Dec. 4, 2014, 11:43 p.m.)

Review request for Aurora, Maxim Khutornenko and Bill Farner.


Remove addtional failing tests.

Bugs: AURORA-919

Repository: aurora


This patch makes multiple changes to simplify the logging done in the Aurora client:
1. Remove the TRANSCRIPT log level and replaced all instances with the standard Python DEBUG
2. Remove the custom "aurora_client" logger. This logger was designed to give each invocation
of the client a unique id and record the username of the user with the intention that a hook
could take this information and ship it to the cluster administer. However a hook could capture
logs by adding a handler to the root log handler and generate a unique id itself.
3. Remove the 'print_log' method of the context and replaced all callers with the standard
python logging facilities.
4. Removed duplicate printing/logging messages by just printing the information to the user.
5. Removed the custom PlainFormatter implementation and replaced it with Python's default
6. Replaced the "--verbose-logging" and "--logging-level" flags with a single "--verbose/-v"
flag which enables DEBUG logging. Without this flag the user sees INFO and up.

Diffs (updated)

  src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/BUILD ebe681a0d1735b7cc695dc3b7a14c4292d87ae32

  src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ 6e553d8af459e575b2d62282a3bc0d1e266203d8

  src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ aa850bf941bede1d3bd8aae4811cb094ba77965f

  src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ 51c7d24dca664e476e62f1864d095416dfab70e4

  src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ 8f349c09637c16e2499e85f2dc96eb7ccffd0aaf

  src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ 55d99c42f643910db0bf3c24022596383e160276

  src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ b7c8de66d6e4664b536911f826e36a984e8d0fef

  src/main/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ 91175facdc8ccccc9fd59ab66781f86ee8b5940a

  src/test/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/BUILD e1f9ebf96774b8f5c75de8570c6ba87d953ab649

  src/test/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ 6285fbb07442291c2dc4096e68eb285c98994097

  src/test/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ 7a0a31818cbc57de952d7817f8e7c8fa1e84b25a

  src/test/python/apache/aurora/client/cli/ c69a624ec7063973d365846f7df3516047ceeb68



./pants ./src/test/python/apache/aurora::

vagrant@192:~$ aurora2 config list ./aurora/examples/jobs/hello_world.aurora

vagrant@192:~$ aurora2 job create devcluster/www-data/prod/hello ./aurora/examples/jobs/hello_world.aurora
INFO:root:Creating job hello
INFO:root:Checking status of devcluster/www-data/prod/hello
job create succeeded: job url=
vagrant@192:~$ aurora job list devcluster/*
Must supply one of the following commands: cancel_update, create, diff, get_quota, help, inspect,
kill, killall, list_jobs, open, restart, run, ssh, start_cron, status, update, version

vagrant@192:~$ aurora2 job list devcluster/*
INFO:root:Retrieving jobs for role None

vagrant@192:~$ aurora2 job update devcluster/www-data/prod/hello ./aurora/examples/jobs/hello_world.aurora
INFO:root:Updating job: hello
INFO:root:Instances to update: [0]
INFO:root:Processing in parallel with 1 worker thread(s)
INFO:root:Examining instance: 0
INFO:root:Skipping unchanged instance: 0
INFO:root:Update successful
Update completed successfully

vagrant@192:~$ aurora2 job killall devcluster/www-data/prod/hello
INFO:root:Checking status of devcluster/www-data/prod/hello
INFO:root:Killing tasks for job: devcluster/www-data/prod/hello
INFO:root:Instances to be killed: [0]
Successfully killed shards [0]
job killall succeeded


Zameer Manji

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