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From "Bill Farner" <>
Subject Review Request 19494: Change missing shipits tool to serve as a dashboard for all outstanding reviews.
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2014 21:04:21 GMT

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Review request for Aurora, Kevin Sweeney, Suman Karumuri, and Maxim Khutornenko.

Repository: aurora


The tool now displays information about all outstanding reviews for the project, ordered by
staleness.  The first column in the 'outstanding' group is the date of the last activity.


  build-support/tools/list-missing-shipits 69225732eeced6e2a41bda5e675e6f109e041656 



2014-01-15T03:12:01Z	kevints   	Support multiple ...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-02-21T15:07:51Z	jcohen    	ZookeeperSchedule...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-02-26T00:19:41Z	kevints   	Generate cron pre...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-02-27T23:17:03Z	drobinson 	fixed structdump ...	ready
to submit
2014-03-04T19:53:25Z	drobinson 	fix rollback on f...	need
review from wickman
2014-03-10T23:29:08Z	protochron	AURORA-227: Auror...	need
review from wickman
2014-03-11T16:33:19Z	markcc    	Fix errors in job...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-11T23:07:33Z	atollena  	Fix help usage fo...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-12T22:51:58Z	markcc    	Add an updated ve...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-13T22:45:34Z	tgalloway 	Removed content a...	need
review from clambert, davelester, wickman
2014-03-17T17:33:34Z	markcc    	Catch errors thro...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-17T18:57:57Z	tgalloway 	added killall com...	need
review from clambert, markcc, davelester
2014-03-18T18:15:24Z	maxim     	Changing from STA...	need
review from wickman
2014-03-19T13:12:55Z	markcc    	Implement client ...	need
review from kevints, wickman
2014-03-20T00:00:49Z	wickman   	Don't forget to r...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-20T00:26:09Z	maxim     	Preserving sandbo...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-20T13:27:36Z	markcc    	Add support for g...	need
review from maxim, wickman
2014-03-20T15:37:08Z	markcc    	Add batching to t...	need
review from maxim, wickman
2014-03-20T16:19:12Z	dam_ned   	[AURORA-282] add ...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-20T18:04:39Z	maxim     	Adding min retent...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-20T18:16:05Z	mansu     	Added nextCronRun...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-20T18:20:38Z	maxim     	Part 2 of convert...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-20T18:29:24Z	kevints   	GZIP HTTP thrift ...	need
review from wfarner, mansu
2014-03-20T18:41:53Z	wfarner   	Disable log and i...	awaiting
updated diff
2014-03-20T18:47:00Z	markcc    	Add instance spec...	need
review from wfarner, wickman

Recently submitted: 1	kevints	Upgrade mesos to ...


Bill Farner

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