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From Stephan Erb <>
Subject Re: [FEEDBACK] Transitioning Aurora leader election to Apache Curator (`-zk_use_curator`)
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2016 16:44:06 GMT
Thanks for doing the follow-up! I'll gradually enable the option on our
clusters sometime next week and let you know if we hit any issues.

Assuming we don't run into any roadblocks: How about changing the
default of `-zk_use_curator` from False to True for the next release?
Then we cane make significant progress with the deprecation while still
giving operators the possibility to do a  fall-back if necessary.


On Di, 2016-06-14 at 17:43 -0600, John Sirois wrote:
> I'd like to move forward with
> URORA-1669 asap; ie: removing legacy (Twitter) commons zookeeper
> libraries used for Aurora leader election in favor of Apache Curator
> libraries. The change submitted in
> / is now live in Aurora 0.14.0 and Apache Curator based service
> discovery can be enabled with the Aurora scheduler flag `-
> zk_use_curator`.  I'd like feedback from users who enable this
> option.  If you have a test cluster where you can enable `-
> zk_use_curator` and exercise leader failure and failover, I'd be
> grateful.  If you have moved to using this option in production with
> demonstrable improvements or even maintenance of status quo, I'd also
> be grateful for this news. If you've found regressions or new bugs,
> I'd love to know about those as well.
> Thanks in advance to all those who find time to test this out on real
> systems!

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