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From John Sirois <>
Subject Re: Non-exclusive dedicated constraint
Date Wed, 20 Jan 2016 03:05:53 GMT
On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 7:22 PM, Maxim Khutornenko <> wrote:

> Has anyone explored an idea of having a non-exclusive (wrt job role)
> dedicated constraint in Aurora before?

> We do have a dedicated constraint now but it assumes a 1:1
> relationship between a job role and a slave attribute [1]. For
> example: a 'www-data/prod/hello' job with a dedicated constraint of
> 'dedicated': 'www-data/hello' may only be pinned to a particular set
> of slaves if all of them have 'www-data/hello' attribute set. No other
> role tasks will be able to land on those slaves unless their
> 'role/name' pair is added into the slave attribute set.
> The above is very limiting as it prevents carving out subsets of a
> shared pool cluster to be used by multiple roles at the same time.
> Would it make sense to have a free-form dedicated constraint not bound
> to a particular role? Multiple jobs could then use this type of
> constraint dynamically without modifying the slave command line (and
> requiring slave restart).

Can't this just be any old Constraint (not named "dedicated").  In other
words, doesn't this code already deal with non-dedicated constraints?:

> This could be quite useful for experimenting purposes (e.g. different
> host OS) or to target a different hardware offering (e.g. GPUs). In
> other words, only those jobs that explicitly opt-in to participate in
> an experiment or hw offering would be landing on that slave set.
> Thanks,
> Maxim
> [1]-

John Sirois

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