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From Mauricio Garavaglia <>
Subject update mesos 0.23 to 0.24
Date Sun, 27 Sep 2015 16:19:07 GMT
Hello guys

I'm using aurora 0.9 and tried to update to mesos 0.24.  Right after the
update I started to get this messages in the aurora leader and it crashed.
Every new leader crashed in the same way. Mesos was updated in a rolling
fashion, one node at the time, and it was looking healthy, even marathon
was able to register itself and start jobs but aurora never did it. Here's
a sample of the log I got on each leader, see the 'failed to parse data' at
the end.

I saw this comment in the mesos upgrades notes [1] "Master now publishes
its information in ZooKeeper in JSON (instead of protobuf). Make sure
schedulers are linked against >= 0.23.0 libmesos before upgrading the
master." so I was wondering if it's supported or not.

2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9dc6b4700):ZOO_INFO@log_env@712: Client
environment:zookeeper.version=zookeeper C client 3.4.5
2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9dc6b4700):ZOO_INFO@log_env@716: Client
2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9dc6b4700):ZOO_INFO@log_env@723: Client
2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9dc6b4700):ZOO_INFO@log_env@724: Client
2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9dc6b4700):ZOO_INFO@log_env@725: Client
environment:os.version=#30~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 1 09:32:55 UTC 2015
I0925 18:49:37.923105   871 sched.cpp:157] Version: 0.22.0
2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9dc6b4700):ZOO_INFO@log_env@733: Client
2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9dc6b4700):ZOO_INFO@log_env@741: Client
2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9dc6b4700):ZOO_INFO@log_env@753: Client
2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9dc6b4700):ZOO_INFO@zookeeper_init@786:
Initiating client connection, host=,,,,
sessionTimeout=10000 watcher=0x7fd9e6d88cd0 sessionId=0
sessionPasswd=<null> context=0x7fd9a8000b70 flags=0
I0925 18:49:37.923 THREAD800
org.apache.aurora.scheduler.mesos.SchedulerDriverService.startUp: Driver
started with code DRIVER_RUNNING
2015-09-25 18:49:37,923:1(0x7fd9c9333700):ZOO_INFO@check_events@1703:
initiated connection to server []
I0925 18:49:37.924 THREAD133
Giving up on registration in (1, mins)
2015-09-25 18:49:37,930:1(0x7fd9c9333700):ZOO_INFO@check_events@1750:
session establishment complete on server [],
sessionId=0x250038b61690f12, negotiated timeout=10000
I0925 18:49:37.930192   224 group.cpp:313] Group process (group(3)@ connected to ZooKeeper
I0925 18:49:37.930253   224 group.cpp:790] Syncing group operations: queue
size (joins, cancels, datas) = (0, 0, 0)
I0925 18:49:37.930297   224 group.cpp:385] Trying to create path '/mesos'
in ZooKeeper
I0925 18:49:37.930974   224 group.cpp:717] Found non-sequence node
'log_replicas' at '/mesos' in ZooKeeper
I0925 18:49:37.931046   224 detector.cpp:138] Detected a new leader:
I0925 18:49:37.931131   224 group.cpp:659] Trying to get
'/mesos/json.info_0000002513' in ZooKeeper
Failed to detect a master: Failed to parse data of unknown label ''


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