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From ASF IRC Bot <>
Subject Summary of IRC Meeting in #aurora
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2015 18:39:17 GMT
Summary of IRC Meeting in #aurora at Mon Jun  8 18:03:51 2015:

Attendees: dnorris, marti_, jfarrell, SEJeff, jcohen, kts, mkhutornenko, bbrazil, benley,

- Preface
- 0.9.0
- outstanding configurable health check review
- documentation

IRC log follows:

## Preface ##
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:11 2015] <kts>: Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekly community
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:18 2015] <kts>: Let's get started with roll call
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:28 2015] <dlester>: present. morning everyone
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:28 2015] <bbrazil>: here
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:31 2015] <kts>: while we're doing roll call, does anyone have topics
they would like to discuss
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:34 2015] <jfarrell>: here
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:39 2015] <benley>: here
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:43 2015] <mkhutornenko>: here
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:46 2015] <SEJeff>: kts, custom healthcheck urls:
[Mon Jun  8 18:04:47 2015] <SEJeff>: here
## 0.9.0 ##
[Mon Jun  8 18:05:21 2015] <dnorris>: here
[Mon Jun  8 18:05:55 2015] <kts>: jfarrell: all right, the floor is yours
[Mon Jun  8 18:06:01 2015] <jfarrell>: are there any other issues that we want to add
[Mon Jun  8 18:06:03 2015] <marti_>: here
[Mon Jun  8 18:06:21 2015] <jcohen>: here
[Mon Jun  8 18:06:32 2015] <jfarrell>: or move out to move the possible rc date up
[Mon Jun  8 18:06:33 2015] <kts>: I think we might want to kick AURORA-987 out
[Mon Jun  8 18:06:55 2015] <kts>: as there hasn't been much progress on the discussion
[Mon Jun  8 18:07:19 2015] <kts>: AURORA-987
[Mon Jun  8 18:07:44 2015] <kts>: seems like a big change that we don't want to rush
to meet a release deadline
[Mon Jun  8 18:07:46 2015] <benley>: would it make sense for a REST api bridge to exist
as a separate process?
[Mon Jun  8 18:08:17 2015] <kts>: I could see design iteration taking place with mocks
of that form
[Mon Jun  8 18:08:38 2015] <jfarrell>: lets bring that topic back to the dev list then
and remove from the rc
[Mon Jun  8 18:08:42 2015] <kts>: +1
[Mon Jun  8 18:09:19 2015] <jfarrell>: hows wickmans progress with Pesos?
[Mon Jun  8 18:09:59 2015] <kts>: wickman is out this week somewhere remote, so I don't
think he'll make much progress this week
[Mon Jun  8 18:10:34 2015] <mkhutornenko>: we don’t have any timeframe set for 0.9.0
yet, do we?
[Mon Jun  8 18:10:50 2015] <jfarrell>: within next 2 weeks we decided at the last meeting
[Mon Jun  8 18:10:53 2015] <kts>: I believe we had discussed targeting monthly
[Mon Jun  8 18:11:28 2015] <mkhutornenko>: in that case I vote removing AURORA-894 from
[Mon Jun  8 18:12:17 2015] <mkhutornenko>: I will not be able to make much progress
towards it in the next 2 weeks
[Mon Jun  8 18:12:47 2015] <kts>: it looks like none of the work to remove deprecated
features has been started yet either
[Mon Jun  8 18:13:04 2015] <mkhutornenko>: I was going to bring that up as well:
[Mon Jun  8 18:13:45 2015] <jfarrell>: so this rc might just be debian packaging and
any of the smaller fixes that have gone in since 0.8.0
[Mon Jun  8 18:13:55 2015] <mkhutornenko>: there are meaty items like removing client-side
updater or SessionKey that will require substantiall efforts
[Mon Jun  8 18:14:03 2015] <kts>: that's fine, I'm in favor of timeboxed releases
[Mon Jun  8 18:14:09 2015] <mkhutornenko>: +1
[Mon Jun  8 18:14:33 2015] <mkhutornenko>: let’s see what comes in ready within the
next 2 weeks and trim accordingly
[Mon Jun  8 18:14:34 2015] <dlester>: jfarrell: what's the status of ssalevan's RPM
[Mon Jun  8 18:15:03 2015] <jfarrell>: havent reviewed that, will dig through it this
week and try and help get that in as well
[Mon Jun  8 18:15:10 2015] <jfarrell>: would be great to have both in
[Mon Jun  8 18:15:31 2015] <kts>: looks like im on the hook for reviewing that one as
[Mon Jun  8 18:16:58 2015] <kts>: looks like AURORA-715 doesn't have anyone working
on it yet either
[Mon Jun  8 18:17:00 2015] <kts>: AURORA-715
[Mon Jun  8 18:17:41 2015] <kts>: and wfarner is on vacation so AURORA-334 is on hold
as well
[Mon Jun  8 18:17:43 2015] <kts>: AURORA-334
[Mon Jun  8 18:17:57 2015] <mkhutornenko>: AURORA-715: GC executor work is mostly done,
the only known items left are code removal
[Mon Jun  8 18:18:15 2015] <mkhutornenko>: that can be done in 0.10.0
[Mon Jun  8 18:18:22 2015] <kts>: that would be great to get into this release, it will
simplify the packaging story
[Mon Jun  8 18:18:36 2015] <jfarrell>: lets review next monday then for taking those
out, but can plan on making this rc a packaging one
[Mon Jun  8 18:18:42 2015] <kts>: +1
[Mon Jun  8 18:18:46 2015] <SEJeff>: Can 0.9 include
[Mon Jun  8 18:19:19 2015] <kts>: SEJeff: yes
[Mon Jun  8 18:19:28 2015] <bbrazil>: great
[Mon Jun  8 18:19:40 2015] <SEJeff>: thanks
## outstanding configurable health check review ##
[Mon Jun  8 18:20:30 2015] <bbrazil>: this had to be rolled back first time around due
to the config not being backwards compatible
[Mon Jun  8 18:20:31 2015] <kts>: I've given bbrazil a shipit, but we need 2 committers
to review. wickman is on vacation this week, so is any other committer willing to step up
and review it?
[Mon Jun  8 18:20:52 2015] <mkhutornenko>: I will take a look
[Mon Jun  8 18:20:58 2015] <bbrazil>: thanks
[Mon Jun  8 18:21:05 2015] <kts>: mkhutornenko: thank you
[Mon Jun  8 18:21:40 2015] <kts>: bbrazil: I went ahead and updated the People line
[Mon Jun  8 18:21:40 2015] <bbrazil>: I've for after
that, but need to properly resolve conflicts first
[Mon Jun  8 18:22:14 2015] <kts>: since they're related, you should put mkhutornenko
and I on the People line for that one as well
[Mon Jun  8 18:22:41 2015] <bbrazil>: will do once I've got it cleaned up
[Mon Jun  8 18:23:09 2015] <kts>: great!
[Mon Jun  8 18:23:14 2015] <kts>: are there any other topics?
## documentation ##
[Mon Jun  8 18:24:31 2015] <dlester>: SEJeff: did some great work over the weekend to
create a new theme for the Aurora docs and use, you've probably seen some of our
discussion in the channel
[Mon Jun  8 18:24:47 2015] <kts>: dlester: can you summarize for those who missed it
[Mon Jun  8 18:24:56 2015] <SEJeff>: For reference, this has the instructions to set
it up: in the
[Mon Jun  8 18:24:58 2015] <dlester>: I don't have anything in particular to discuss,
but wanted folks to be aware that it's going on
[Mon Jun  8 18:25:42 2015] <dlester>: there are some ongoing bugs with documentation
rendered on the website (broken links, a static toc, etc) and SEJeff has stepped up to help
out with some of those changes
[Mon Jun  8 18:25:53 2015] <SEJeff>: The goal is simply making it easier to contribute
to the documentation, an obvious win for low hanging fruit stuff
[Mon Jun  8 18:25:59 2015] <dlester>: +1
[Mon Jun  8 18:26:15 2015] <bbrazil>: do you have the complied version online somewhere?
[Mon Jun  8 18:26:52 2015] <SEJeff>: bbrazil, No, but I could do that tonight (not from
work). It is literally pixel perfect identical to the existing documentation link
[Mon Jun  8 18:27:18 2015] <SEJeff>: that was the goal, but down the road, we can add
a really nice search functionality and auto-generated (read working urls) table of contents
on each page
[Mon Jun  8 18:27:57 2015] <bbrazil>: I have noticed small breakages in the header links
in the current docs
[Mon Jun  8 18:28:22 2015] <dlester>: bbrazil: right, ideally those would just be an
auto-generated toc handled by mkdocs
[Mon Jun  8 18:28:28 2015] <bbrazil>: yeah
[Mon Jun  8 18:28:54 2015] <bbrazil>: we're using nanoc over in Prometheus and it has
a left menu, but no per-page ToC yet. Works pretty well for us
[Mon Jun  8 18:29:46 2015] <dlester>: that's all I've got re: docs, unless SEJeff or
others have more to add
[Mon Jun  8 18:30:02 2015] <SEJeff>: nope
[Mon Jun  8 18:30:39 2015] <jfarrell>: nanoc is nice, evaluated and have used that previously
with thrift, switched to middleman since it was getting more updates
[Mon Jun  8 18:32:34 2015] <kts>: I'm not convinced that the problem is the tool
[Mon Jun  8 18:33:33 2015] <kts>: the bug might be more in the process - we need to
decrease the total time between someone contributing documentation and having it reflected
on the site
[Mon Jun  8 18:34:10 2015] <kts>: however we do that is ultimately an implementation
[Mon Jun  8 18:34:53 2015] <kts>: this is the main reason we still link to docs pages
on github - they reflect master as soon as it's pushed
[Mon Jun  8 18:35:37 2015] <SEJeff>: kts, Agreed. And as someone who might write some
docs, I'd love a trivial way to view the rendered changes. Checking out a svn repo, modifying
a rake config (to checkout a local git repo), and running a command is a bit unweildy. Im
not wed to mkdocs, but the user experience is quite a bit nicer
[Mon Jun  8 18:36:03 2015] <SEJeff>: More of just doing an experiment. Once the kinks
are worked out, it can be presented and voted for or against
[Mon Jun  8 18:36:14 2015] <kts>: +1 to continuing to experiment
[Mon Jun  8 18:36:19 2015] <jfarrell>: shouldnt have to modify a rake config, but agree
that just hvaing it appear when committed is a lot nicer
[Mon Jun  8 18:37:08 2015] <SEJeff>: jfarrell, the rake task checks out from the upstream
aurora.git. However I might have skimmed the config incorrectly
[Mon Jun  8 18:37:27 2015] <SEJeff>: and if it is checking out from upstream aurora.git,
when you've made changes locally... there in lies the issue
[Mon Jun  8 18:37:51 2015] <jfarrell>: can continue this post meeting and bring back
to dev@ list when a more formal process or soluton change is taking shape
[Mon Jun  8 18:38:01 2015] <kts>: it'll be hard to beat github here - the Edit button
that sends a PR is pretty much the optimal experience IMO
[Mon Jun  8 18:38:22 2015] <kts>: yes, let's take this discussion to the list
[Mon Jun  8 18:38:24 2015] <dlester>: +1 to continuing on dev list
[Mon Jun  8 18:38:31 2015] <kts>: any other topics?
[Mon Jun  8 18:39:04 2015] <kts>: Seeing as there are none, this concludes this week's
Aurora community meeting. Thank you all for coming!
[Mon Jun  8 18:39:10 2015] <kts>: ASFBot: meeting stop

Meeting ended at Mon Jun  8 18:39:10 2015

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