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From ASF IRC Bot <>
Subject Summary of IRC Meeting in #aurora
Date Mon, 11 May 2015 18:40:41 GMT
Summary of IRC Meeting in #aurora at Mon May 11 18:01:25 2015:

Attendees: thalin, davmclau, marti_, jfarrell, jcohen, wfarner, Yasumoto, kts, mkhutornenko,
zmanji, dlester, dlester_

- Preface
- 0.8.0-RC1
- Markdown documentation
  - Action: kts to start discussion on documentation automation on dev@
- GSOC 2015

IRC log follows:

## Preface ##
[Mon May 11 18:01:43 2015] <marti_>: ok :D
[Mon May 11 18:01:57 2015] <wfarner>: welcome, everyone.  if you're joining us for the
first time - everyone is welcome to participate!
[Mon May 11 18:02:03 2015] <wfarner>: let's start with the roll call
[Mon May 11 18:02:03 2015] <wfarner>: here
[Mon May 11 18:02:08 2015] <thalin>: here
[Mon May 11 18:02:10 2015] <jcohen>: ahoy ahoy
[Mon May 11 18:02:11 2015] <mkhutornenko>: here
[Mon May 11 18:02:24 2015] <marti_>: here
[Mon May 11 18:02:26 2015] <jfarrell>: here
[Mon May 11 18:02:27 2015] <Yasumoto>: howdy
[Mon May 11 18:02:44 2015] <zmanji>: here
[Mon May 11 18:03:50 2015] <dlester>: here
## 0.8.0-RC1 ##
[Mon May 11 18:04:51 2015] <jfarrell>: rc1 vote thread is at
[Mon May 11 18:05:00 2015] <wfarner>: w are at 4 binding, 1 non-binding votes
[Mon May 11 18:05:04 2015] <wfarner>: s/w/we/
[Mon May 11 18:05:22 2015] <wfarner>: if you haven't already voted, please do so!
[Mon May 11 18:05:25 2015] <jfarrell>: have left the vote open since it was started
on a friday, wanted to make sure people where aware of it, plan on closing it later tonight
[Mon May 11 18:05:40 2015] <wfarner>: jfarrell: sounds great, thanks!
[Mon May 11 18:06:28 2015] <wfarner>: jfarrell: there was a chat in here last week about
more human-friendly release notes.  do you have any thoughts on where that would/should go?
[Mon May 11 18:06:38 2015] <wfarner>: should we do that in JIRA?
[Mon May 11 18:07:06 2015] <kts>: here
[Mon May 11 18:07:23 2015] <wfarner>: dlester: ^^ in case you have thoughts
[Mon May 11 18:07:31 2015] <jfarrell>: we should move that discussion to the dev@ list
[Mon May 11 18:08:17 2015] <wfarner>: sure thing, happy to do that.  just for for my
edification - what's the common practice you've observed in ASF?
[Mon May 11 18:08:23 2015] <dlester>: human-friendly release notes would be great, and
would probably make writing release blog posts easier
[Mon May 11 18:08:55 2015] <jfarrell>: cassandra hand edits the CHANGELOG as they go,
per commit
[Mon May 11 18:09:17 2015] <jfarrell>: jira automatically gives up this
[Mon May 11 18:09:41 2015] <jfarrell>: so finding a good solution somewhere inbetween
so we dont have to hand edit on each commit, but are not fully relying on jira filters
[Mon May 11 18:10:12 2015] <wfarner>: sounds good.  i'll open the dev@ discussion today
[Mon May 11 18:10:38 2015] <dlester>: Mesos has a section its change-log that's human-redable
and helpful IMO
[Mon May 11 18:10:55 2015] <jfarrell>: perhaps a handedited NEWS section that details
things like upgrades
[Mon May 11 18:11:06 2015] <jfarrell>: and we leave the changelog as the automated process
[Mon May 11 18:11:43 2015] <jfarrell>: like this:
[Mon May 11 18:11:44 2015] <wfarner>: one thing i pitched out was an RCS-style tag in
the CHANGELOG where the release script would insert tickets for $RELEASE_NEXT
[Mon May 11 18:11:52 2015] <jcohen>: I’m fine with an automated changelog, but I think
there’s definitely benefits to a hand curated news section as well.
[Mon May 11 18:12:08 2015] <wfarner>: yeah, i think both are really valuable
[Mon May 11 18:12:18 2015] <jcohen>: things like the security work are impossible to
pick out from the changelog for 0.8.0
[Mon May 11 18:12:44 2015] <wfarner>: anything else on this topic?
[Mon May 11 18:13:07 2015] <jfarrell>: rest can go to dev@
## Markdown documentation ##
[Mon May 11 18:14:16 2015] <wfarner>: context: we have a script that handles publishing
docs on (thanks dlester!) that renders our markdown docs
[Mon May 11 18:14:35 2015] <wfarner>: trouble is that it doesn't have perfect consistency
with github's renderer
[Mon May 11 18:14:51 2015] <wfarner>: leading to issues like:
[Mon May 11 18:14:51 2015] <wfarner>: AURORA-870
[Mon May 11 18:14:57 2015] <wfarner>: AURORA-1314
[Mon May 11 18:15:06 2015] <jfarrell>: we are using middleman to handle the conversion
[Mon May 11 18:15:34 2015] <jfarrell>: redcarpet is the underlying renderer
[Mon May 11 18:15:52 2015] <wfarner>: as a tactical fix, i would like to propose that
we explore github's rendering API for better consistency:
[Mon May 11 18:16:25 2015] <kts>: should we publish documentation to our site at all?
it's currently a manual process and usually out of date
[Mon May 11 18:16:37 2015] <wfarner>: emphasis tactical
[Mon May 11 18:17:02 2015] <wfarner>: though if we do go that route, it would make the
tactical work throwaway
[Mon May 11 18:17:04 2015] <davmclau>: +1 for not duplicating documentation
[Mon May 11 18:17:17 2015] <dlester>: I strongly think we should keep the documentation
on the site, because it drives traffic and interest in the project / website
[Mon May 11 18:17:20 2015] <jfarrell>: thoughts on using the new gh-pages branch route
[Mon May 11 18:17:20 2015] <kts>: I'm okay with github being the source-of-truth for
now (well it's also in the source dist for releases which is the real source-of-truth)
[Mon May 11 18:17:36 2015] <davmclau>: We could just have the documentation link on
the site point to github, no?
[Mon May 11 18:18:20 2015] <kts>: dlester: if we do that we need automation to ensure
it's not out-of-date and need to be able to (for example) link to code
[Mon May 11 18:18:35 2015] <jfarrell>: ping dnorris ^^
[Mon May 11 18:19:18 2015] <wfarner>: oh, speaking of the git-based site
a thing now?
[Mon May 11 18:19:21 2015] <jfarrell>: we might just be issing the plugin config, looking
at middleman-syntax looks like its an option
[Mon May 11 18:19:27 2015] <dlester>: worth noting the issues that are identified here
are problems that the Mesos similarly experiences b/c there's a similar workflow
[Mon May 11 18:19:32 2015] <dlester>: fix it once, works for both projects
[Mon May 11 18:19:33 2015] <jfarrell>: wfarner: yes
[Mon May 11 18:20:27 2015] <wfarner>: jfarrell: where can i learn how to use it?
[Mon May 11 18:21:19 2015] <jfarrell>: right now there is only a blog post about it
with minimal info, other than that just the scripts that make it possible
[Mon May 11 18:21:28 2015] <dlester>: I agree with kts, automating the generation of
these pages would be really helpful
[Mon May 11 18:21:45 2015] <jfarrell>: wont work out of the box with our setup, but
could be tailored to meet our needs
[Mon May 11 18:21:51 2015] <kts>: also I'd like to move to a model where pages like can be generated from
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <dlester>: it also seems like a reasonable expectation for
committers to run `rake` and `svn commit` whenever they add commit documentation to the website,
everyone has access
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <kts>: there's really no reason we should be manually retyping
fields into a markdown doc
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <wfarner>: kts: one giant leap at a time :-)
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <kts>: wfarner: agree, just trying to make sure whatever
evolutionary step we take gets us closer to that goal
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <kts>: Thrift API docs and javadocs should be publishable/published
as well
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <dlester>: kts: that's easy to add a rake task with the current
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <kts>: no point writing them if noone can find them
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <wfarner>: so...what's the action to take here?
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <wfarner>: 1. educate everyone on updating the site via git
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <jfarrell>: looks like we are not using middleman-syntax
so can add that and should get more inline with github style markdown
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <kts>: it sounds like the site has the tools that will make
the long-term vision achievable, should we focus on improving that
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <kts>: 1. link to docs on the site, not github
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <wfarner>: kts: by this you mean remove docs from the site?
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <wfarner>: (not judging, just using direct wording)
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <jfarrell>: github is a mirror, we shouldnt depend on a mirror
for our docs
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <kts>: wfarner: from this discussion I think we actually
might want to deprecate github
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <jfarrell>: +1, we dont use it for any of our other work
[Mon May 11 18:27:02 2015] <dlester>: kts: was there a second option? :)
[Mon May 11 18:27:35 2015] <davmclau>: Sounds like a discussion that might be better
suited for the dev list
[Mon May 11 18:27:39 2015] <jfarrell>: objections to moving the site into our codebase
as say build-support/site (will look at this as an option if possible for us)
[Mon May 11 18:28:16 2015] <kts>: jfarrell: im in favor, but sounds like we should open
a discussion on dev@?
[Mon May 11 18:28:36 2015] <jfarrell>: not sure if its possible with the way the new
gitpubsub is setup
[Mon May 11 18:28:36 2015] <wfarner>: kts dlester can one of you open this discussion
on dev@ today?
[Mon May 11 18:28:49 2015] <kts>: whatever we do it definitely won't work unless we
have automation to ensure it's up-to-date
[Mon May 11 18:28:55 2015] <kts>: currently only github offers this
[Mon May 11 18:29:44 2015] <kts>: wfarner: I'll open one today
[Mon May 11 18:29:55 2015] <kts>: #action kts to start discussion on documentation automation
on dev@
[Mon May 11 18:29:57 2015] <wfarner>: kts: thanks!
[Mon May 11 18:30:12 2015] <wfarner>: that exhausts my topics, does anyone else have
a topic they would like to discuss?
## GSOC 2015 ##
[Mon May 11 18:32:17 2015] <wfarner>: marti_: the floor is yours!
[Mon May 11 18:32:28 2015] <marti_>: Hi! It is about this issue
[Mon May 11 18:33:10 2015] <marti_>: and made this slides for some share ideas
[Mon May 11 18:34:30 2015] <davmclau>: cool! do you mind soliciting feedback via the
dev list?
[Mon May 11 18:34:34 2015] <davmclau>: or maybe you already did that
[Mon May 11 18:35:02 2015] <marti_>: yes I need feedback :D
[Mon May 11 18:35:05 2015] <wfarner>: davmclau: he sent an intro e-mail, this is the
first discussion about approach
[Mon May 11 18:36:20 2015] <dlester_>: I'm mentoring marti_ this summer as he works
on the Aurora web CLI tutorial, the google presentation shares some early ideas
[Mon May 11 18:37:10 2015] <wfarner>: marti_: firstly, welcome!  i'll be interested
to see where this goes!
[Mon May 11 18:37:22 2015] <marti_>: thanks ^_^
[Mon May 11 18:38:18 2015] <wfarner>: in this meeting we probably won't get into feedback/brainstorming,
but please feel free to seek advice in this channel and on dev@!
[Mon May 11 18:38:33 2015] <dlester_>: just to add a little context here that may not
already be shared, this is a web-based tool that will live in a separate repo and hopefully
will be general enough that it could be used by different projects. but our intent is to develop
something for Aurora
[Mon May 11 18:39:09 2015] <marti_>: ok I will open a topic in dev
[Mon May 11 18:39:25 2015] <jcohen>: I’m excited to see where it goes, thanks marti_!
[Mon May 11 18:40:00 2015] <wfarner>: any other topics before we close?
[Mon May 11 18:40:32 2015] <wfarner>: thanks for participating, everyone!
[Mon May 11 18:40:34 2015] <wfarner>: ASFBot: meeting stop

Meeting ended at Mon May 11 18:40:34 2015

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