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From Xasima <>
Subject Aurora.pex client can't find scheduler
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2015 21:09:34 GMT
Hello. I'm bump in into following problems when trying to perform the very
first 'aurora.pex job create' command.
1) 'Could not connect to scheduler: No schedulers detected in devcluster'
2) 'Failed to connect to Zookeeper within 10 seconds.'

It had tried to check everything in  configurations, but I can't find the
root of the problem so far. I have zookeeper, mesos-master,  mesos-slave,
and aurora-scheduler running on the same server. The little difference from
the default vagrant/example configuration is the usage of non default
http_port  for aurora scheduler.

Namely, I have  aurora scheduler  running with the following  /vars prop

*jvm_prop_sun_java_command *
-http_port=8091 -zk_in_proc=true -zk_endpoints=localhost:2181
-zk_session_timeout=2secs -serverset_path=/aurora/scheduler
-mesos_master_address=zk://localhost:2181/mesos -cluster_name=devcluster
-backup_dir=/usr/local/aurora-scheduler/backups -logtostderr -vlog=INFO

and here is the successful tail of aurora-scheduler log

W0217 20:42:25.952 THREAD140
com.twitter.common.zookeeper.ServerSetImpl.join: Joining a ServerSet
without a shard ID is deprecated and will soon break.
 com.twitter.common.zookeeper.Group$ActiveMembership.join: Set group member
ID to member_0000000001

I0217 20:42:26.026 THREAD132
server set /aurora/scheduler change: from 0 members to 1

port:8091), additionalEndpoints:{http=Endpoint(host:bymsq-bsu-hmetrics002,
port:8091)}, status:ALIVE)

I0217 20:42:26.026 THREAD132
Found leader scheduler at
port:8091), additionalEndpoints:{http=Endpoint(host:bymsq-bsu-hmetrics002,
port:8091)}, status:ALIVE)]

Not sure, if this is suspicious, but I see in zookeeper
/local/service/mesos-native-log/0000000010 node, and /mesos/info_000000003
nodes, but there are no /aurora/scheduler node.

The configuration file /etc/aurora/clusters.json points  to zk with proper
scheduler_zk_path. All *.pex files are built with pants against appropriate
build or downloaded AURORA_DIST/third_party/mesos_*.egg.   This gist
contains all the details on my configurations

 Nevertheless, the very trivial hello_world service fails to run with
errors on
 WARN] Could not connect to scheduler: No schedulers detected in devcluster!
WARN] Could not connect to scheduler: Failed to connect to Zookeeper within
10 seconds.

Could please someone help and examine the configuration above?

Best regards,
     ~ Xasima ~

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