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From Oliver Nicholas <>
Subject Issues with Aurora Hello World
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2015 02:09:49 GMT
Hello folks,

I was working with wfarner in the IRC channel and he had to run; he asked
me to send an email to this list (which I think wins the awards for deepest
subdomain chain in an email address since the late eighties :).

So, first off real quick, the Hello World docs specify the commands as eg/
"aurora create devcluster/www-data/devel/hello_world
/vagrant/hello_world.aurora", when the command appears to now be "aurora
job create" (rather than just "aurora create").  Something to update.

Second, the real issue - I'm working through the Hello World stuff with
vagrant/VirtualBox on OS X.  I've got the job running just
fine, doing nothing more or less than the instructions, and it shows up in
the scheduler web UI (the one running on port 8081). But when I click
through to look at the task details - the link that jumps to the thermos
observer (sorry, I'm new to this, not sure about nomenclature) running on
port 1338, I get a 404.  And if I look at the base URL for the observer ( I get some empty tables titled like "active
tasks 0...-1 of 0".

Now...I'm definitely only running one VM right now.  The task is running -
the scheduler says so and I can see the process.  I've attached the various
upstart logs that wfarner asked for - as you can see, it appears that the
observer is...not observing much.

I've also attached an strace of the observer process idling and with me
hitting it over the web iterface (to be clear, the one with the proctitle
"python2.7 /home/vagrant/aurora/dist/thermos_observer.pex
--root=/var/run/thermos --port=1338 --log_to_disk=NONE
--log_to_stderr=google:INFO").  The only thing of note I see is that it's
trying to hit these files under the /var/run/thermos tree (the --root
parameter on the command line), but there is no 'thermos' in /var/run.
Come to think of it, that seems significant.



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