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From Dave Lester <>
Subject Aurora adopters list
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2015 16:01:25 GMT
Hi All,

Given recent growth we've seen in Aurora the numbers of contributors and
public adopters, I think it's time for us to create a more-comprehensive
list of adopters.. (the current home of our list) will soon
become cluttered if we continue to list companies there. :)

Here's my proposal: in addition to updating our list of companies that
are using Aurora in a separate documentation page, it'd be valuable to
share any additional info about how it's being used + some testimonials.
That will, I hope, make this less of a vanity list (like Mesos has) and
more of a resource for folks that are looking at Aurora and trying to
understand how it's useful to them.

If you're currently using Aurora in production or in a significant way,
please tell us about it! I'd love to include you in the revamped
documentation page.

Huge thanks,

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