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From Maxim Khutornenko <>
Subject Cron job quota checking
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2014 21:40:28 GMT
Hi all,

If you run cron jobs AND use resource quota checking for your
production jobs please read further.

We are planning to remove the existing loophole [1] for cron jobs
sliding under the quota check radar. The proposed approach is to count
cron job templates towards the production consumption and block at the
creation point (i.e. scheduleCronJob, createJob) when a requested
change would go over the allocated quota limit.

When [1] is implemented your existing production cron jobs will
continue to run as before. However, in case your total prod
consumption (including service and cron jobs) is near or over the
quota limit any attempts to create/update/schedule jobs under the
affected role will be blocked. You will have to explicitly free up
production resources or bump up the quota value to unblock.

Please, speak up if you have any concerns or suggestions.


[1] -

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