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From Stephan Erb <>
Subject Mesos and Aurora out of Sync
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2014 13:47:36 GMT
Hi everyone,

on my local test cluster mesos and aurora seem to be running out of sync:

  * Mesos status: 22 active tasks by the twitter scheduler
  * Aurora status: 4 active production tasks,  1 active test task
  * Slave status: thermos reports 5 active tasks and 'ps aux' reports 5
    active processes, i.e., aurora and thermos seem to be correct

I thought the GC was supposed to reconcile this status? I have attached 
the log file of a recent gc_executor run and the stderr of one of the 
faulty executors. I am omitting the logfile for the executors as these 
are large and don't seem to be showing anything of interest.

Any idea what is wrong here?


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