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From ASF IRC Bot <>
Subject Summary of IRC Meeting in #aurora
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2014 18:26:43 GMT
Summary of IRC Meeting in #aurora at Mon Aug 18 18:03:12 2014:

Attendees: davmclau, wickman, jfarrell, mchucarroll, wfarner, jaybuff, mkhutornenko, dlester

- Preface
- testing
- Testing
  - Action: mchucarroll to attach AURORA-131 to a release deprecation epic
- MesosCon
- AURORA-610 progress update

IRC log follows:

## Preface ##
[Mon Aug 18 18:03:24 2014] <wfarner>: roll call?
[Mon Aug 18 18:03:28 2014] <wfarner>: <- here
[Mon Aug 18 18:03:30 2014] <davmclau>: here
[Mon Aug 18 18:03:46 2014] <mchucarroll>: here
[Mon Aug 18 18:03:52 2014] <mkhutornenko>: here
[Mon Aug 18 18:03:54 2014] <wickman>: here
[Mon Aug 18 18:04:40 2014] <jaybuff>: here
[Mon Aug 18 18:05:54 2014] <dlester>: howdy
[Mon Aug 18 18:06:17 2014] <wfarner>: great.  does anyone have a topic or announcement
to kick off with?
[Mon Aug 18 18:06:45 2014] <mchucarroll>: I’ve got a quicky about testing.
## testing ##
## Testing ##
[Mon Aug 18 18:07:36 2014] <wfarner>: where's the meeting manpage when you need it
[Mon Aug 18 18:08:43 2014] <mchucarroll>: I’m trying to improve the test coverage
and reliability. This is gradually adding on a lot of additional testing, and in order to
make sure that botht he tests are good, and that we don’t have unexpected variations, I’d
really appreciate it if (a) we could deprecate the v1 tests; and (b) people could start periodically
running the end-to-end tests, and letting me know if there’s any problems.
[Mon Aug 18 18:09:22 2014] <wfarner>: mchucarroll: is there a deprecation schedule for
v1?  presumably tests would die with the code
[Mon Aug 18 18:09:57 2014] <mchucarroll>: The v1 commands are currently all generating
a warning message that they’re deprecated, but we haven’t set a formal deadline.
[Mon Aug 18 18:11:07 2014] <wfarner>: aha, i see you have AURORA-131 for this
[Mon Aug 18 18:11:47 2014] <wfarner>: i suggest you consider putting it into the 0.7.0
deprecations epic AURORA-423, or creating a 0.8.0 deprecations epic if that sounds to soon
[Mon Aug 18 18:12:01 2014] <mchucarroll>: Will do.
[Mon Aug 18 18:12:23 2014] <mchucarroll>: In the meantime, can we at least have the
continuous build run the v2 tests in addition to the v1?
[Mon Aug 18 18:12:48 2014] <wfarner>: #action mchucarroll to attach AURORA-131 to a
release deprecation epic
[Mon Aug 18 18:13:09 2014] <wfarner>: jfarrell: i'd like this, though do we have means
to run vagrant in CI yet?
[Mon Aug 18 18:14:11 2014] <jfarrell>: wfarner: no, we do not have a way to run vagrant
in the current ci
[Mon Aug 18 18:14:38 2014] <mchucarroll>: well, so much for that idea :-(
[Mon Aug 18 18:14:41 2014] <wfarner>: mchucarroll: there's your answer, looks like we
need to get creative if we want this coverage
[Mon Aug 18 18:15:21 2014] <wfarner>: frankly-speaking, it would be nice to have this
coverage without requiring a full cluster to be running.  obviously that requires a time investment
[Mon Aug 18 18:15:41 2014] <wfarner>: anyhow, i think that's worth tabling for now
[Mon Aug 18 18:16:53 2014] <wfarner>: next topic?
[Mon Aug 18 18:17:00 2014] <wfarner>: feel free to jump in if you have one
## MesosCon ##
[Mon Aug 18 18:17:15 2014] <jfarrell>: wfarner: no topics from me, but good luck with
your presentation at mesoscon this week
[Mon Aug 18 18:17:51 2014] <dlester>: Is anyone planning to attend the MesosCon hackathon
on Friday, and if so want to hack on Aurora?
[Mon Aug 18 18:18:15 2014] <dlester>: More details:
[Mon Aug 18 18:18:22 2014] <wfarner>: i will likely be there until early afternoon
[Mon Aug 18 18:18:58 2014] <wfarner>: not sure who else in the mtg is attending.  i
know wickman is
[Mon Aug 18 18:19:19 2014] <wickman>: I will be there -- I wouldn't mind doing a tutorial
or two on Aurora configuration and/or executor internals.
[Mon Aug 18 18:20:00 2014] <dlester>: great. and I will be there as well
[Mon Aug 18 18:20:33 2014] <wfarner>: dlester: is there a place for people not attending
to catch up on talks, etc?
[Mon Aug 18 18:20:59 2014] <dlester>: wfarner: talks will be recorded and put online
following the event
[Mon Aug 18 18:21:16 2014] <wfarner>: any idea where?
[Mon Aug 18 18:21:27 2014] <dlester>: and we're encouraging folks to use the #MesosCon
hashtag on Twitter, so they can follow there:
[Mon Aug 18 18:21:46 2014] <dlester>: I imagine we'll post them to the Mesos website,
and share on the user@ and dev@ lists
[Mon Aug 18 18:21:56 2014] <dlester>: for the Aurora talk you're giving, we should link
to that from the Aurora site in the future
[Mon Aug 18 18:22:00 2014] <wfarner>: sounds good
[Mon Aug 18 18:22:37 2014] <wfarner>: anything else on that?
## AURORA-610 progress update ##
[Mon Aug 18 18:23:54 2014] <wfarner>: David, Maxim, and i have continued to make progress
on job update orchestration
[Mon Aug 18 18:24:12 2014] <wfarner>: as the epic shows, we only have 3/7 tickets completed,
but i think we're close to closing all 4 remaining tickets
[Mon Aug 18 18:24:34 2014] <wfarner>: i was hoping to have this done in time for mesoscon,
but there's a chance it might slip
[Mon Aug 18 18:25:10 2014] <wfarner>: nonetheless, it should be available soon, along
with some welcome UI enhancements to give a HUD of update progress
[Mon Aug 18 18:25:52 2014] <wfarner>: that's all i have on the updater, last chance
for other topics
[Mon Aug 18 18:26:29 2014] <wfarner>: ASFBot: meeting stop

Meeting ended at Mon Aug 18 18:26:29 2014

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