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From Damien Hardy <>
Subject Zookeeper version not sync with mesos
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2014 16:00:59 GMT

My question is how can we run with mesos 0.18.0 whereas requirement on
zookeeper are on an older version : 3.3.4 (mesos embed 3.4.3).

Actually I have problems tring to register on an existing mesos 0.18.2
cluster running.
When I try to run aurora on an existing cluster I get those logs on
zookeeper server (created a gist for readability)

And on aurora side ending with:
I0710 16:17:18.876508  8952 log.cpp:805] Timed out while trying to get
E0710 16:17:18.876687  8952 log.cpp:830] Retry limit has been reached
during election
I0710 16:17:18.877921  8952 log.cpp:849] Attempting to append 5 bytes to
the log
E0710 16:17:18.878243  8952 log.cpp:866] Failed to append the log: No
election has been performed

Is there any plan to upgrade zookeeper dependencies ?

Damien HARDY
IT Infrastructure Architect
Viadeo - 30 rue de la Victoire - 75009 Paris - France
PGP : 45D7F89A

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