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Subject incubator-aurora git commit: Reorganizes documentation README and updates links to current documentation pages.
Date Sat, 06 Dec 2014 18:48:16 GMT
Repository: incubator-aurora
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Reorganizes documentation README and updates links to current documentation pages.

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Author: Dave Lester <>
Authored: Sat Dec 6 10:48:54 2014 -0800
Committer: Dave Lester <>
Committed: Sat Dec 6 10:48:54 2014 -0800

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-# Overview
+# Documentation
-*Aurora* is a service scheduler that schedules jobs onto *Mesos*, which runs tasks at a specified
cluster. Typical services consist of up to hundreds of task replicas.
+## Introduction
+Apache Aurora is a service scheduler that runs on top of Apache Mesos, enabling you to run
long-running services that take advantage of Apache Mesos' scalability, fault-tolerance, and
resource isolation. This documentation has been organized into sections with three audiences
in mind:
+ * Users: General information about the project and to learn how to run an Aurora job.
+ * Operators: For those that wish to manage and fine-tune an Aurora cluster.
+ * Developers: All the information you need to start modifying Aurora and contributing back
to the project.
-Aurora provides a *Job* abstraction consisting of a *Task* template and instructions for
creating near-identical replicas of that Task (modulo things like "instance id" or specific
port numbers which may differ from machine to machine).
+This documentation is a work in progress, and we encourage you to ask questions on the [Aurora
developer list]( or the `#aurora` IRC channel
on ``.
-*Terminology Note*: *Replicas* are also referred to as *shards* and *instances*. While there
is a general desire to move to using "instances", "shard" is still found in commands and help
+## Users
+ * [Install Aurora on virtual machines on your private machine](
+ * [Hello World Tutorial](
+ * [User Guide](
+ * [Configuration Tutorial](
+ * [Aurora + Thermos Reference](
+ * [Command Line Client](
+ * [Aurora Client v2](
+ * [Cron Jobs](
-Typically a Task is a single *Process* corresponding to a single command line, such as `python2.6`. However, sometimes you must colocate separate Processes together within a single
Task, which runs within a single container and `chroot`, often referred to as a "sandbox".
For example, if you run multiple cooperating agents together such as `logrotate`, `installer`,
and master or slave processes. *Thermos* provides a Process abstraction under the Mesos Tasks.
+## Operators
+ * [Deploy Aurora](
+ * [Monitoring](
+ * [Hooks for Aurora Client API](
+ * [Scheduler Storage](
+ * [Scheduler Storage and Maintenance](
+ * [SLA Measurement](
+ * [Resource Isolation and Sizing](
+ * [Generating test resources](
-To use and get up to speed on Aurora, you should look the docs in this directory in this
-1. How to [deploy Aurora]( or, how to [install Aurora on virtual
machines on your private machine]( (the Tutorial uses the virtual machine approach).
-2. As a user, get started quickly with a [Tutorial](
-3. For an overview of Aurora's process flow under the hood, see the [User Guide](
-4. To learn how to write a configuration file, look at our [Configuration Tutorial](
From there, look at the [Aurora + Thermos Reference](
-5. Then read up on the [Aurora Command Line Client](
-6. Find out general information and useful tips about how Aurora does [Resource Isolation](
-To contact the Aurora Developer List, email [](
You may want to read the list [archives](
You can also use the IRC channel `#aurora` on ``
+## Developers
+ * [Contributing to the project](
+ * [Developing the Aurora Scheduler](
+ * [Developing the Aurora Client](
+ * [Committers Guide](
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