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From sebb <>
Subject GitBox attic-test PoC now working on BuildBot
Date Tue, 22 May 2018 15:37:20 GMT
Finally managed to get the GitBox attic-test repo working with Buildbot.

The sample runs are at:


(Run 40 onwards represents the working setup; earlier runs had various failures)

The source data is at:


If you commit an edit to the GitHub master branch, you should see a
build at [1].
Also the asf-site branch at [2] should be updated.

The dummy build script always updates date.txt and copies any files under src/

The resulting files are not deployed anywhere so have to be viewed in
GitHub or GitBox.

Feel free to try it out.


The config is at:


This needs tidying up when the PoC is chosen.
It will also need to be updated to add the real GitBox repo when that
move happens.


FTR, this took a long while because of various issues:
- Buildbot config update scanner was broken, so could not test changes
- Buildbot was not set up to allow commit to GitBox
- The asf-test repo was not set up to send changes to Buildbot

These have all been fixed in conjunction with Infra.

I hope this means that migration of the main site to GitBox will be a
bit smoother.
Though I'm sure there will be some other minor issues to resolve.


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