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From "Henk P. Penning" <>
Subject Re: Redirects for attic project download directories
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2018 16:53:13 GMT
On Thu, 15 Feb 2018, sebb wrote:

> Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 22:22:12 +0100
> From: sebb <>
> To:
> Subject: Redirects for attic project download directories
> The original thread got derailed, so here is what I think the issue is.
> When a project is moved to the attic, its website is updated to show a
> banner that the project has been retired, with a link to the attic.
> Also, its release files on are removed, and
> replaced with an .htaccess redirect to an Attic page with summary
> details of the project.
> e.g.
> redirects to
> Whilst this redirect works, and is simple to administer, it means
> there are many directories under which only
> contain an .htaccess file, and scripts may have to be aware of which
> directories correspond to active projects.
> It would be useful to be able to tidy this up.

   Agree ; that's a good summary.

> However it is important that the redirects are kept as there are
> likely to be links to the download location in lots of places. We
> should not break URLs unnecessarily.
> Note that the redirects also work on mirror links as well as on the ASF hosts.
> This behaviour should be preserved as historical links will generally
> use the dynamic mirror system.
> For example the harmony download page [1] points to the mirrors;
> externally preserved links are likely to do so as well.
> Removing the .htaccess files and their parent directories will break
> all the links, so IMO that is not an option.

   [ humbedooh == Daniel Gruno ; infra ; initial(?) author of closer.lua
   ; closer.lua == the script that projects use on their (download)
     pages to link to "the mirrors"
   ; GHOST == a retire project ; ASF GHOSTs live in the Attic :-)

   Links to mirrors are typically generated by closer.lua ;
   we can make closer.lua attic-aware (says humbedooh :-).
   When closer.lua encounters a target in an atticked project,
   it can redirect to attic.a.o.
   Are there any important links to specific files on specific mirrors ?

   That leaves "".

   It would be easy (again, says humbedooh) to configure
   with a few (fixed number of) Rewrite rules like (pseudo-code) :

     # redirect dist/GHOST to attic.a.o/.../GHOST.hmtl
     <Directory dist>
     RewriteCondition "file path in an atticked dir"
     RewriteRule .* "Redirect to attic.a.o"

   Now, suppose we create dist/attic/ghosts/


   -- on retirement, infra svn moves dist/GHOST/ to dist/attic/ghosts/ ;
      Pmc Attic can cleanup what was formerly dist/GHOST/
   -- closer.lua can check the presence of dist/attic/ghosts/PROJ
   -- the RewriteRules idem

   I think this would tidy up /dist/ while keeping the proper Redirects.

> [1]


   Henk Penning

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