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From jan iversen <>
Subject Re: Keeping records of retired PMCs
Date Fri, 26 May 2017 09:52:30 GMT

> On 26 May 2017, at 11:05, sebb <> wrote:
> I have been making some changes to the script that parses board meeting minutes.
> It tries to collate all the entries that relate to PMCs (and podlings).
> At present this is done using internally-defined string substitutions.
> These have to be updated as and when new aliases (e.g. different
> capitalisation) are noticed.
> It would be better if it could get the info from a file.
> The podlings.xml file has details of all podlings, past and present.
> For the current PMCs, that info is available in committee-info.
> AFAICT there is no such data file for retired PMCs.
> I wonder whether anyone else thinks there is a need for such data for
> PMCs, and if so, where it belongs and how it is maintained?
I suppose it could be rather easy to copy the information from committee-info file to e.g.
retired-info as part of the retirement process.

I cannot say if there is a need for this information.

jan I.

> S.

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