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From sebb <>
Subject Write access to attic SVN website files
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2012 13:42:17 GMT
Access to the Attic SVN files (used to create the attic website) is
currently restricted to attic-pmc members.

This is a bit unusual; normally SVN access is granted to the TLP unix
group (which should include all the PMC members).

I think it would make sense to change the Attic SVN to allow access by
anyone in the attic unix group, which can then be expanded as
necessary to allow non-PMC members to update the website.

[The attic PMC group would still be required to provide access to any
private SVN areas under /pmc/]

This is not totally altruistic, as I'd like to request access to be
able to help maintain the Attic pages; I don't particularly need/want
to join the Attic PMC as well.
Changing the SVN site access LDAP group would make it easier to grant
access to all, not just me!

Note: at present the Attic Unix group contains everyone in the Attic
PMC group, with the addition of henning

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