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From Kristian Waagan <>
Subject Moving a project to the attic - who does the heavy lifting?
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 19:00:13 GMT

A while ago the DB PMC voted to move the OJB subproject to the Attic, 
and I volunteered to drive the process [1].
I have found the process description [2] and understand that people with 
more knowledge and karma will have to step in to get some of the tasks done.
My question is if the Attic PMC expects to do all the heavy lifting, or 
is the expectation that a volunteer, i.e. typically someone not being on 
the Attic PMC, will do as much as possible?

If the former, I suppose I can create the master JIRA and be done with it.
If the latter, I'll create the required JIRAs, complete as many of them 
as I can, and ask for help with the remaining ones.


[1] Currently on paternity leave, progress has been limited...

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