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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Site going live tomorrow unless...
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 08:52:08 GMT
I've updated the site with the comments from the previous thread. The
Process section reads:

This won't be defined fully until we actually start moving projects
into the Attic. The following is a rough general plan of action.

   0. Prior to this the Apache Board has moved the oversight of the
project from its prior PMC to the Attic PMC.
   1. Indicate on websites that the project is in the Attic
   2. Make the SVN read only
   3. Inform user email list
   4. Consider killing user email list
   5. Kill the dev list
   6. README on archives for downloads
   7. Kill automated builds
   8. Retire in issue-trackers
   9. Remove from navigation

It gives people an idea while leaving us room to adapt to projects.
I'm going to push this out tomorrow night unless I hear a -1.

We need to get the site up and out to PMCs. An example is that on the
Hivemind list there are users (2 or 3) trying to work on a release and
no committer in sight offering to apply their patch. For their sake
the Attic question needs to come up soon as a forcing function to get
an answer; and then we can have a use case to finish some of our
process (such as the 'if I fork on, what rules must I abide


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