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From Ashutosh Mestry <>
Subject Re: Review Request 65790: Data Migration Utility: Export
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2018 05:39:39 GMT

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(Updated March 5, 2018, 5:39 a.m.)

Review request for atlas, Apoorv Naik, Madhan Neethiraj, and Ruchi Solani.


Updates include: 
- Addressed review comments. 
- Attached latest migration utility.

Bugs: ATLAS-2461

Repository: atlas


The data migration utility allows for exporting data from an Atlas instance without the server
running. This is important as it will prevent Atlas from processing any requests.

The migration is a new utility that will perform export of data using a pre-defined export
request file.

The approach used by this application:
- Create an application context (_migrationContext.xml_). This context, prevents instantiation
of number of classes, most notably _webapp_, _notifications_, _listeners_.
- Create _ImportService_ using Spring's framework classes.

Here are the pieces:
- _MigrationApp_: Contains _main_. It is the entry point for the app.
- _Exporter_: Contains plumbing needed to use the new _migrationContext.xml_ and create _ApplicationContext_
for use.
- Dengenerate classes _EmptyNotification_, _EmptyNotificationChangeListener_. These are necessary
to launch the application in a way that no notifications are sent out.
- _atlas_migration.py_ Creates environment for the app to execute. It launches the application.
- _migration-export-request.json_ This can be modified for environments that do not have latest
improvements to _Export_.
- _README_: Instructions on usage.

The project maven's assembly building plugin. The build will create a ZIP file with the necessary

_mvn install package_ generates a ZIP file in _target_ directory.

**Usage (from README)**
- Use Ambari to turn shutdown Atlas.
- Unzip contents of the ZIP to a directory on the server using: 'unzip'
- cd atlas-migration-kit
- Run 'python'. Use 'python <>' to
export to a specific file.
- To watch the progress: 'tail -f /var/log/atlas/application.log'.

Diffs (updated)

  pom.xml 7db1be78 
  tools/atlas-migration-utility/pom.xml PRE-CREATION 
  tools/atlas-migration-utility/src/assembly/bin.xml PRE-CREATION 
  tools/atlas-migration-utility/src/main/java/org/apache/atlas/migration/ PRE-CREATION

  tools/atlas-migration-utility/src/main/resources/README PRE-CREATION 
  tools/atlas-migration-utility/src/main/resources/ PRE-CREATION 
  tools/atlas-migration-utility/src/main/resources/migration-export-request.json PRE-CREATION

  tools/atlas-migration-utility/src/main/resources/migrationContext.xml PRE-CREATION 




**Unit tests**

**Functional tests**
Exports from existing clusters.

File Attachments (updated)

Migration Utility


Ashutosh Mestry

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