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From "Nigel Jones"<>
Subject Java 9 & JVM future
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2017 13:41:30 GMT
Did you know Oracle have now deemed Java 9 a 'short term release'?

I hadn't, and chatted to some colleagues who weren't aware either, so thought the community
might be interested in this page at oracle, which gives service dates for java 8, 9 :

I also hadn't realised they will be moving to a new naming strategy - similar to ubuntu -
based on YYMM, so 18.3 (March 2017) will be the next oracle release

What I take away from this reading, is that any work with Java 9 is IMO not worth it as it's
lifetime is negligible. At some point in 2018 we should support 18.3, and in future may be
able exploit

Further, given our recent discussion about build/dependencies, a recent issue with ranger
and maven 3.5.0, and switch to java 8 on atlas itself, I wonder if people could consider my
review proposal in - just a small step to add extra clarity
into 2 (so far) of the important prereqs.

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