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From Madhan Neethiraj <>
Subject Re: Instructions to build & run Atlas in dev environment
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2017 18:25:58 GMT
Graham, David,

Can you please review Sarath’s patch to resolve this issue,
and give your feedback?


On 11/29/17, 2:01 AM, "Graham Wallis" <> wrote:

    Hi Sarath
    The mods to my local webapp/pom change periodically but currently are as 
    follows (I hope this transmits OK; I pasted it straight from IJ and it 
    includes formatting):
        <!-- default profile is for external HBase and Solr - hence not 
    packaging those jars -->
    The above change was to keep the titan jars when I was trying to run with 
    Ashutosh's bring-up method that uses Titan 0.5.4. For some of the other 
    testing I've been doing I have been removing the exclude of (i.e. keeping) 
    the Berkeley, ES and Lucene jars, if either BDB and/or ES was in the 
    backend combination.
    An alternative which I have used at times is to rename the 'dist' profile 
    (to any redundant name - e.g. 'not_used') to avoid it being involved in 
    the build of webapp - you obviously must have 'dist' for packaging. In my 
    most recent test (yesterday, when I got the server to start with Janus 
    0.2.0) it was renamed and hence was not used.
    The berkeley-elasticsearch profile was excluding BDB due to the Titan 
    shading, but as you said in ATLAS-2287, since we no longer shade Janus we 
    must keep the BDB jars - for a BDB build.
    I have not submitted a patch with these changes because in my opinion they 
    might need to be part of a more general overhaul of the profiles - which 
    was why I raised ATLAS-2270, so we could find out what combinations of 
    graphdb, persistent store and indexer people really need; then we could 
    align the POMs neatly with the desired combinations. The intended result 
    would be to have something that looks and feels like the current 
    graph-provider selection, and with the ability to build any desired 
    combination for packaging and/or UT-IT (which is not currently always 
    possible). Unfortunately ATLAS-2270 seemed to cause a bit of controversy 
    and pushback, but it seems to be starting to take shape following Pierre's 
    contributions. I have been comparing the evolution of the ATLAS-2270 
    discussion with my build results across all combinations of { titan0 | 
    janus } x { elastic | solr } x { bdb | hbase-embedded }; the hope being 
    that it should be possible to arrive at a minimal but sufficient set of 
    profiles that keep everyone happy, support all build phases and do not 
    overlap/interfere with one another.
    Best regards,
    Graham Wallis
    IBM Analytics Emerging Technology Center
    IBM Laboratories, Hursley Park, Hursley, Hampshire SO21 2JN
    Tel: +44-1962-815356    Tie: 7-245356
    From:   Sarath Subramanian <>
    To:     "" <>
    Cc:     Ashutosh Mestry <>
    Date:   28/11/2017 19:07
    Subject:        Re: Instructions to build & run Atlas in dev environment
    Hi Graham,
    Could you share your modified webapp/pom.xml
    I’m trying to follow the instructions and build for Janus 0.2.0 but I’m 
    facing a class not found exception during atlas startup - 
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.lucene.analysis.TokenStream
    Sarath Subramanian
    On 11/28/17, 10:40 AM, "Graham Wallis" <> wrote:
        modified the webapp/pom.xml
    Unless stated otherwise above:
    IBM United Kingdom Limited - Registered in England and Wales with number 
    Registered office: PO Box 41, North Harbour, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO6 3AU

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